With the dynamic shift that the world is undergoing through the years, hairstyles will come and go. Still, some renowned classics have succeeded in making their mark, leading to new variations and influencing factors that influence people uniquely.

Among the myriad styles, two timeless favorites continue to captivate the hearts of fashion enthusiasts: bardot bangs and curtain bangs, which will be popular this year. Initially, fashion styles were similar regarding their relaxed and stylish look.

However, they reveal the distinct characteristics that separate them. Let us see in depth the varieties of each style to find out why celebrities like Bardot dump bangs and curtain bangs.

What Is Bardot Bangs?

In homage to the legendary French thespian and fashion icon Bruno Bardot, the Bardot bangs represent timeless class and a hint of nostalgic elegance. In this style, soft feathery wings sweep across the forehead in a way that seems to wrap the face in the aura of the decades best described as "a fringe for Bardot."

Perhaps the most essential feature of the classic Bardot bang is its flexibility; it is ideal for many hair lengths and different textures and face shapes.

Bardot bangs are typically cut to fall more or less in the frame right above your eyebrows and then recede down towards your cheekbones, creating an attractive frame that supports the eyes and cheekbones. This is achieved by veiling and smoothing the hair edges, incorporating them naturally into the rest of the hair, and making it look voluminous and smooth.

Whether with parted, curly, or straight tresses, the bobtail bangs manipulate the whole hairstyle into a fluttering attraction with a romantic allure.

bardot bangs

What Is Curtain Bangs?(Touch and Flirting)

'70s bangs, popularly known as curtain bangs, which are the same as fringe bangs, have been experiencing a renaissance in recent years. They are a new redeemer for the outlook of both bohemian and careless-chic appearances.

Like they were called, curtain bangs are most notably known for their parted, curtain-like appearance, which elegantly frames the face instead of dominating it.

In the context of the fashion world, this style is closely related to the era of free-spiritedness called the "70s,” which lasted from the mid-60s to the late 70s and was when Jane Birkin and Farrah Fawcett ruled the world of fashion.

Curtain bangs are popularly considered part of a center haircut, with the pieces dangling on the sides of the face in a gentle, curtain-like arrangement. They can be different lengths, from barely grazing the eyebrows to resting on the cheekbone level.

This helps tailor the fashion to our tastes. The magic of unique, gorgeously limpid curtain bangs lies in the knife-edge crafter texture and the ethereal drape that doe-eyed protective guards the face, creating a perfect blend of structure and softness.

curtain bangs

Distinguishing Factors: Bardot Bangs VS. Curtain Bangs

While Bardot bangs and curtain bangs share some similarities in their soft, face-framing aesthetic, several distinguishing factors set them apart: While Bardot bangs and curtain bangs share some similarities in their soft, face-framing aesthetic, several distinguishing factors set them apart:

Length and Placement

Bardot bangs are slightly angled, starting from the top of the forehead just above the brows and descending diagonally towards the cheekbone. Distinct from curtain bangs, those types are positioned between ears and hang downward on both sides of the face in a curtain-like design.

Texture and Styling

Bardot fringes' delicate feathered texture pulls together a romantic vintage look with an ancient edge. Combined with loose waves, messy locks, or a perfectly straight hairdo, they can be a universal accessory.

However, the continuing curtain bangs would highlight the texture, which is less demanding and more relaxing and would move naturally with ease, subsequently with an effortless turn. They can be used with different hair lengths and mix well with many styles, from wavy hair to ponytails.

Face Shape Compatibility

As for that, there is a similarity in that both styles can flatter faces of all shapes; however, Bardot bangs would be my pick because they are perfect for oval, heart, and angular faces as they soften the angles and round off the cheeks. The curtain bangs' fringe effect softens their faces, making any round, oval, or heart-shaped face more balanced. For all face shapes, it is a perfect fit.

bardot bangs vs curtain bangs

How To Choose the Right Bangs Style For You?

Consider your face shape, hair type, and style when deciding between Bardot bangs and curtain bangs. Trying different lengths or styles—such as updos, braids, or loose waves—will help you find the look that supports your natural beauty and complements your personal style.

The reason behind the fact that you look fabulous when you choose between the rectangular lines of Bardot bangs and get inspired by bohemian curtains is that both of these styles are timelessly classic and peerlessly lovely.

If you need to exit your comfort zone and make fashion a part of your identity, use the classic version of side bangs as a canvas for self-expression and your style.

After all, a hairstyle is a kind of art that can change and inspire a new look means it is the perfect way to express your style and create your lovely image.


Concisely, Bardot bangs and curtain bangs have that similar soft frame-around-the-face look, but with a little difference between them, bringing different tastes and options; either way, whether it's Bardot bangs' timeless glamour or curtain bangs' breeze of relaxed and classic style that appeals to you more, they offer both contextless attraction and laissez-faire beauty.

Factors such as your face shape, hair texture, style, and many others should be considered before deciding on the best bangs, as their shape could enhance your beauty and help you show more traits. Get excited by the limits of these appealing classics and make your hair an esthetic platform of self-identity, imagination, and everlasting class.

Moreover, the bangs trend will likely take longer, with different versions of the infamous Bardot bangs and curtain bangs appearing, creating more diversity and ways to self-discover and try different styles.

Whether you go for a soft modification or prefer a faithful interpretation, the range of stylishness of Bardot and curtain bangs permits all kinds of tastes and preferences to be reflected. Taking advantage of the diversity and richness of such classic hairstyles would give unlimited scope in the field of coiffure, for everyone is a pioneer of a new personal style.

Ultimately, you decide whether you want Bardot bangs or curtain bangs without worrying; your extraordinary personality will always be reflected in your hairstyle journey.