With the change of the ideas people towards aesthetic pursuits, more and more hairstyle is needed and created. Today we will introduce a kind of hair named yaki weave hair to you. If you have some questions about yaki weave hair, you may get answers in the post.

What is Yaki Weave Hair?

First, we should know what is yaki weave hair. Yaki refers to the texture of the hair. It is a hairstyle that mimics the look and texture of chemically straightened or relaxed natural hair. Yaki human hair weave is textured hair looking like the Caribbean or Afro Caribbean hair, in which you can see micro kink. It can be wavy or perm yaki hair weave. Yaki weave hair is popular among people who have straightened their hair. It can help them get fuller hair and at the same time make their hair look natural. And in the market, you can find different types of yaki hair, including yaki straight hair weave, kinky yaki hair weave, and regular yaki hair weave.

what is yaki weave hair

Does yaki hair come from a yak?

The answer is NO. You may have some confusion about the two items “Yaki” and “Yak”. They are different. Yak is a kind of animal with a bushy mane and dark and long hair. Yak hair is similar to strengthened or relaxed hair in look and texture. Yak hair is widely used in many industries, for example, initially, it was used to create perm yaki hair. But it was discovered that some people were allergic to this hair fibers, so it is no longer made from it.

Nowadays, the yaki hair in the market is from multiple sources. Yaki hair can be made from different grades of hair such as Remy, non-Remy hair synthetic. The best of them is Remy hair. It refers to the human hair cut from the same donor, and the hair cuticles run in the same direction. Since it is closely similar to the hair growing from the scalp, it is considered to be the top quality. Non-Remy is also human hair. But it comes from a big group of donors. The root and tail of some hair are reversed, and not as smooth as Remy hair. Both Remy and non-Remy hair are yaki natural human hair weave. Synthetic hair is made out of man-made fibers like acrylic or nylon. Its quality is lower than a human hair.

Is Yaki hair good for braids?

It is! Yaki hair is good for braids. Some people hope to use yaki hair weave to make their hair look fuller, and some people prefer to use it to change their hairstyle. Braiding is a good choice. There is an easy way to braid with yaki weave hair.

Firstly, section out a small strand from your hair and take a strand of yaki hair. Wrap the yaki hair around the top of your hair already sectioned out. And split one of the yaki hair into two sections. You are going to get three strands of hair, including two yaki hair and one your hair. You need to make sure that yaki hair will not slide off your hair. Then just start and keep braiding until you get to the bottom of the braid. The length of the braid is up to you. If the yaki hair weave is longer than your natural hair, you can cut it to keep it as long as your hair. Of course, you can choose to braid it on your hair directly so that you can get longer hair. 

If you want the braids throughout your head, remember to section your hair into manageable parts, then just need to repeat the braiding process. It may take you a long time to finish, but you will get a fabulous hairstyle.

yaki human hair weave reviews

Yaki human hair weave reviews 

To show the most customers’ attitude towards Yaki human hair weave more intuitively, we excerpt some reviews of Yaki human hair weave:

1. I'm so happy with my purchase. Item is as described. Hair is soft, no tangling. Customer service was great. Hair shipped quickly. Will get my bundles from here from now on! (2021/05/28)

2. This hair texture is very similar to my real hair and the quality is great. The bundles are long and full. I got other similar hair at the same time and these bundles are fuller especially at the ends. (2021/08/14)

3. The quality of this hair is great for the price! I purchased 14,16,18 Brazilian bundles. The hair came super soft and had no smell. The shipping was pretty fast, I order it on July 8th and received it on July 14th. I used this hair for a sew-in and was only able to fit about 2 and a half bundles In my head, the hair is very full & thick! The hair does take heat well and is also definitely true to length. So far I’ve had this hair for a little over a month and the hair quality has remained the same. Like I said used these bundles for a sew in and this hair blends AMAZINGLY with my leave-out/natural hair! Everyone thinks this is my real hair! I get so many compliments! The hair doesn’t tangle or mat and the shedding is VERY minimal. I will be ordering this hair again in the future. future. (2021/09/01)


Yaki human hair weave is a good choice if you want natural and fuller hair. Besides, yaki hair is also good for braiding. We offer a way for you, and you can braid it in any way you like. If you are interested in the yaki human hair weave, come on and have a try!