Hair extensions are a common product that helps us style our hair. In terms of materials, they are divided into human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. In terms of colors and styles, they are divided into many types. If you have just learned about hair extensions, this article is very suitable for you. This article will introduce you in detail the three most effective hair extension products, so that you can easily start your hair extension journey.

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Hair extension means haircut from the person and then install to people who want to make their hair more thicker or longer.Now the main type of hair extensions is hair weave, which is manufactured by machinery mostly.The hair weave is sold in bundles.In general, it will need 3 or 4 bundles for one person.Most customers are buying Remy hair weaves from the online shop.Because the Remy hair is made of virgin human hair and can be used for a long time. Besides, it can also be dyed, permed or treated in other ways just like our own hair.

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Below you can check some factors when you buy them:

Remy Hair

Remy hair extensions are made with 100% real human hair, they are the best ideal extensions whose hair cuticles face the same direction that will cause minimal or no tangling. Unless you especially need synthetic hair, or Brazilian Remy hair is your best choice. Most sites that claim 100% Remy human hair actually do not offer real Remy hair extensions, they are deceiving customers.

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There will be a color difference when you decide to purchase online because computer screens vary. So it is difficult to match your own hair to a color shown on the jpg file. However, if you are purchasing from a store, you can use a color swatch, it will be very helpful to decide on which color to choose now.The natural black hair extensions is most popular.

Hair Quantity

You must know how much hair contained in each pack. If there is not very much in each package, the hair will not look that thick and full. Usually hair bundles with closure is suitable for people. 3 or 4 bundles are ok for a full head for different styles.

Customers Reviews

Before purchasing from a site you never have done business with before, make sure you do some research and find customers reviews about them. Not every hair dealer is perfect, if you want to do a deep cooperation with them, you need to know them better.


Whether the company offers you good customer service or not is an important factor to consider when you want to place a bulk order on their site. Do they have live chat or phone number, so that you can contact them directly, will you feel no hesitation when they answer your questions and concerns? If so, the company may be trustable.

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