Wigs are a great way to change your appearance, but they can be expensive. If you invest in a wig (or wigs), you want to make it last as long as possible. This means storing them properly when you're not wearing them. There are many tools and methods of wig storage, so do you know which one is best for you?

Wigs need proper care and maintenance in shampooing, conditioning, moisturizing and air drying, but they must also be stored properly. Proper storage of hair and wigs can greatly extend their life. Here are some tips to help you keep your wig safe.

Clean And Comb The Wig Before You Start Storing It.

Clean And Comb The Wig

The wig's first step is to ensure it's properly cleaned. Cleaning your wig regularly is key to keeping it looking as fresh as possible. So use a gentle, safe shampoo every two weeks to get rid of dirt or oil, especially before storing. Storing a dirty wig can allow bacteria to grow on it.

After washing, gently comb through the hair. Finally, the wig needs to be air-dried. You can choose between a hair dryer or natural air drying. When using a hair dryer, make sure to use cool air. The hot air can damage the hair. If your wig has any moisture before storing it, it may get mouldy. You can also use a sulfate-free heat protectant for drying to speed up the air-drying of your wig.

Tools For Storing Wigs

1. Wig Head Or Stand


The wig head or stand on which the wig is placed is convenient for us to wash the hair and keep the wig in perfect shape. The next you wear it, you can have a perfect pair of wigs. It's a great time saver. If you do not have a wig head or stand, you can make a simple rack yourself. A wig stand will not take up much space compared to a wig head.

2. Silk Bags Or Satin Bags For Wigs

You can also use satin wig storage bags. They can keep the fibres of the wig from being damaged. This means that the wig can be kept away from elements in the house that may cause it to curl or tangle. Also, your wig can stay soft and smooth if placed in a bag, especially a place-part wig. many wigs come with satin bags, so we don't have to buy them separately.

3. Wig Hangers

Wig Hangers

If you're looking for an easy and affordable way to store your wigs, consider using hangers, a simple and effective tool to help keep your wigs in good condition over time.

4. The Original Packaging Wig Box Or Ordinary Box

Premium wig travel case is also a good choice. But choose the right size.

Ways To Store Wigs

1. How To Store Your Wigs On a Wig Head Or a Stand?

First, place the wig cap on top of the stand or mannequin head and secure it with an elastic band or bobby pin. Alternatively, you can use a wig cap to help hold the wig. You may then need to gently comb through the wig with a wig brush or comb to remove any tangles and excess hair.

2. How To Store Your Wigs In A Silk Or Satin Bag?

A Silk Or Satin Bag

If your wig is not too long and the bag is large enough, it can be placed directly in the bag. Longer wigs must likewise be folded in half inside, but the longer fibres should wrap around your cap.

3. How To Store Your Wigs With Wig Hangers?

Wig hangers are an excellent storage option for people who are short on space and have multiple wigs. They can be fixed on hooks mounted on the wall or special wall hangers made specifically for wigs.

Wig hangers are an excellent storage option for people who are short on space and have multiple wigs. They can be fixed on hooks mounted on the wall or special wall hangers made specifically for wigs.

First, hang your wig on a wig stand, ensuring it's not too tight or loose. Then, place the wig in a cool, dry place to avoid excess moisture or dampness. This will help prevent the wig from getting tangled or damaged over time.

4. How To Store Your Wigs In Boxes?

How To Store Your Wigs

The original box is the easiest way to store your wigs. Your wig box will be the perfect size for storage. If you have many wigs, it is recommended that they be labelled for easy finding. No matter what other material the box is made of, it should be lined with soft paper in the box. This will ensure that no static electricity is generated.


When storing wigs, starting with the little things is important. Make sure you have the best wig storage tools, and don't neglect the cleaning steps. If you take good care of your wig, it will love you back.

We hope you find these wig storage tools and how-to's useful! If you still think storing wigs is difficult, contact our customer service, who will give you one-on-one guidance. Finally, if you have any other good suggestions, please leave them in the comments section.

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