Hair is an important part of a woman's overall image. Different hairstyles can achieve a wide variety of styles when paired with our makeup. In the process of doing hair and makeup, there is another indispensable thing, which is hair extensions. Where can I buy hair extensions?

In fact, there are many ways to buy hair extensions now. If you want to buy in bulk or have long-term needs, the article "Finding A Realiable Hair Extension Vendor" has detailed instructions. If you are buying for personal use, you can choose to buy it online, which can be some websites that specialize in selling hair extensions, or stores that sell this category on Amazon. Of course, there are also some offline stores, such as Walmart stores that sell liberation-related products.

Going to some hair salons and hair extension stylists is also a good choice, often there will be cooperation with the brand to provide them with a variety of products, where they can also be styled directly after the completion of the shopping, which is more time-saving, only the price will be a little on the high side.

The first thing you need to do to get the right hair extensions for you is to understand the types of hair extensions, which is even more necessary if you are new to wigs. By clarifying the type of product you want, you will be able to buy your target product more efficiently when shopping. Below, there will be a brief overview of the types of hair extensions as well as a few recommended ways for you to buy hair extensions.

What types of hair extensions are there

About the types of products for hair extensions


Sew-In Hair Extensions

This kind requires the hair to be braided into a cornrow first and then sewn into the hair. This is a lengthy process that usually takes a few hours and is often done by an experienced hair stylist. Although it is very labor intensive to install once, this is indeed the most popular type of hair extensions as it is the most permanent and seamless.

The downside of it is undoubtedly that there is no way to do it alone. It is very expensive to go directly to the hair salon or hair stylist to buy hair extensions, so many users choose to buy their own curtains or bundles on the wigs website, and then go to the nearest hair salon or hair stylist to pay for an installation fee to install them. bundles are the first products that have been sold on the NADULA website since its inception, with a wide variety of styles, and they can be shipped to your hands within 5 days of placing an order. You may want to click on the link to find out more.

Hair Extensions

clip in hair extensions

It is a type of piece of a strand of hair extensions, this type is secured to the bottom with either fabric or silicone and the clip is secured to the base. During use, it is easy to clip the wig piece on to your hair. Because it is easy to wear, you can also quickly remove it from your hair.

Since it is worn directly onto your hair and does not involve any chemicals, heat, pressure or other installation methods mentioned above, it causes minimal damage to our scalp and hair. Also due to the ease of going to the band, these extensions are very easy and effortless to take care of, and are generally only washed once every 15-20 times they are worn; and each clip has a life span of about 3-6 months, so clip-in extensions can last up to a year and sometimes longer based on how well you take care of them, the products you use, and how often you wear them.

clip in hair extensions

tape for hair extensions

This type is very similar to the one described earlier, it's a type of piece of strand hair extension, the difference is the bottom, it has a tape at the end, when using it, the hairdresser will align the tape with the roots and use a heating tool to heat up the glue to make sure it's secure.

Because of the need to use glue and heat, it will damage your hair to some extent. The entire installation process takes basically an hour to complete. However, it is semi-permanent and one installation can last for 4-8 weeks. If you want it to stay on your hair longer, take extra care when washing your hair, it is best to use specific shampoo and conditioning products that are less harsh and less greasy to ensure that the glue continues to stick to your hair.

tape for hair extensions

Real Human Hair Extensions vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

After learning about the types of hair extensions, let's briefly explain what they are made of. They tend to be categorized into real hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions.

What is the difference between them? Actually, in terms of appearance, they both come in a variety of styles, colors and different forms of application. However, the quality of synthetic fibers is usually very hard, so they do not blend well with natural hair and they cannot be dyed, straightened, curled and blow-dried, which are actions that can damage the material structure of the synthetic hair, further damaging it beyond use.

Real human hair extensions can be treated like your own natural hair, can be straightened, curled, blow dried, colored and have hair care products applied, and with proper care practices, are virtually tangle free and remain smooth and silky throughout their lifespan. So, if you are on a budget, it is still more advisable to buy Human Hair Extensions for Real Hair, which offers better value for money. The brand that I have recommended to you earlier, NADULA has all the hair extensions that are 100% real human hair.

Comparison of Hair Extensions

So pay special attention to this when buying hair extensions, and if you choose to buy them online, pay attention to the basic information about the product in the product description section. If you can't find it you can also try to contact their customer service to ask, whether it's an independent site or a shopping platform like Amazon, customer service information is usually easy to find on the web page. If you're buying from an offline store, you can ask the clerk directly, or you can look and touch the product (human hair is generally lighter and softer to the touch) to distinguish whether they are selling human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions.


Whether you want to add volume, increase hair length or change hair color, hair extensions can meet your diverse needs. Hopefully, this article has provided you with the information you wanted to know so that you can shop for your favorite hair extensions more efficiently and quickly.