Barbie hairstyles have long been a source of fascination and inspiration for many people, including celebrities. From the iconic blonde locks to the glamorous updos, Barbie's diverse range of hairstyles has captured the imagination of hairstylists and fashion enthusiasts alike. In this blog, we will explore why celebrities like to try Barbie hairstyles and what makes these hairstyles so appealing.

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1.Why Celebrities Like to Try Barbie Hairstyles?

Barbie, the iconic doll created by Ruth Handler in 1959, has been a symbol of beauty and fashion for generations, Barbie hairstyles also have been a source of fascination and inspiration for girls. One of the key elements of Barbie's appeal is her ever-changing hairstyles, which reflect the latest trends and styles. From long flowing curls to sleek bobs and glamorous updos, Barbie's hair has showcased a wide variety of looks over the years, embodied beauty, elegance, and fantasy form girls.

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Barbie has her ever-changing hairstyles and impeccable fashion sense. Barbie's hair is often styled in ways that seem unattainable in real life, such as long cascading curls, intricate braids, and sleek updos that defy gravity. This fantasy element allows girls to escape into a world of glamour and beauty, where anything is possible. Girls look up to Barbie as a role model for fashion, beauty, and style. Her ever-evolving hairstyles inspire girls to experiment with different looks and express their unique personalities through hair styling.Barbie hairstyles encourage creativity and self-expression among girls. Barbie hairstyles also symbolize confidence, elegance, and a sense of empowerment that resonates with girls.

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Celebrities often look to Barbie for inspiration when it comes to their own hairstyles. The versatility and glamour of Barbie's hair make it a popular choice for red carpet events, photo shoots, and fashion shows. Many celebrities enjoy experimenting with different looks, and Barbie hairstyles provide a wealth of options to choose from.

2.Celebrities who like Barbie Hairstyles

Several trendsetting celebrities have embraced Barbie hairstyles and incorporated them into their own signature looks. One such example is pop sensation Ariana Grande, known for her sleek high ponytails reminiscent of Barbie's classic style. Grande's love for Barbie-inspired hairdos has made her a style icon, inspiring fans and fellow celebrities alike to try similar looks.

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Another celebrity known for her Barbie-esque hairstyles is Nicki Minaj. The rapper and singer often sports colorful wigs and playful updos, drawing comparisons to Barbie's bold and vibrant hairdos. Minaj's fearless approach to hair experimentation has cemented her status as a trendsetter in the music industry.

Nicki Minaj

Supermodel and businesswoman Tyra Banks is another celebrity who has embraced Barbie hairstyles. Banks, known for her stunning runway looks and ever-changing hair colors, has sported Barbie-inspired curls and updos on numerous occasions. Her willingness to push the boundaries of fashion and beauty has earned her admiration from fans and fellow celebrities alike.

Tyra Banks

3.Barbie Hairstyles on the Red Carpet

The red carpet is where celebrities showcase their glamorous looks, and Barbie hairstyles often make a stunning appearance. From elegant updos to cascading waves, celebrities like Zendaya, Blake Lively, and Priyanka Chopra have all rocked Barbie-inspired hairdos at high-profile events.

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Zendaya, known for her bold fashion choices and versatile hairstyles, has embraced Barbie-inspired looks on multiple occasions. Whether she's sporting a sleek bob or voluminous curls, Zendaya's hair always exudes Barbie's trademark glamour and sophistication.


Blake Lively, known for her effortless elegance and timeless style, has also been spotted with Barbie-inspired hairstyles. From retro waves to chic ponytails, Lively's hair choices often reflect Barbie's classic allure, making her a standout on the red carpet.

Blake Lively

Priyanka Chopra, a global icon known for her beauty and talent, has also embraced Barbie hairstyles during her appearances at prestigious events. Chopra's ability to pull off a variety of looks, from sleek and polished to playful and romantic, showcases the versatility of Barbie-inspired hairdos.

Priyanka Chopra

4.How to Achieve Barbie-Inspired Hairstyles?

If you're inspired by Barbie hairstyles and want to try them yourself, there are several ways to achieve the look. For sleek high ponytails like Ariana Grande, start by straightening your hair and securing it at the crown of your head with a hair tie. Use a comb to smooth out any bumps and finish with a spritz of hairspray for hold.

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For glamorous curls like Zendaya, use a curling iron to create loose waves or opt for heatless curling methods like overnight braids or rollers. Once your curls are set, gently tousle them with your fingers and add a shine-enhancing serum for a glossy finish.

If you prefer a retro-inspired look like Blake Lively, try styling your hair into soft waves using a large-barrel curling iron. Brush out the curls to create a smooth, voluminous effect and secure one side of your hair behind your ear for a classic Hollywood vibe.

For a playful and colorful look like Nicki Minaj, experiment with temporary hair color sprays or wigs in bold shades like pink, blue, or purple. Style your hair into a high ponytail or elaborate updo to showcase the vibrant colors and channel Barbie's fearless spirit.


Celebrities are often drawn to Barbie hairstyles for their versatility, glamour, and timeless appeal. From sleek high ponytails to playful updos and vibrant wigs, Barbie-inspired looks continue to influence red carpet fashion and celebrity style. Whether you're looking for a chic and polished hairstyle or a bold and playful statement, Barbie hairstyles offer a wealth of inspiration for anyone looking to channel their inner glamour girl.