In the ever-evolving world of fashion and beauty, some trends stand the test of time, captivating generation after generation with their timeless charm. One such trend that has endured through the decades is the iconic twiggy hairstyle. Named after the legendary British model and fashion icon Twiggy Lawson, this hairstyle has become synonymous with effortless elegance and a bold, daring spirit. In this blog post, I will delve into the allure of twiggy hairstyles, exploring their history, characteristics, and how they continue to inspire contemporary fashionistas.

The birth of twiggy hairstyles

The birth of twiggy hairstyles

The 1960s marked a revolutionary era in the world of fashion, and twiggy was at the forefront of this cultural shift. With her pixie-like features and androgynous charm, twiggy challenged traditional beauty standards, paving the way for a new definition of femininity. Her signature haircut, characterized by a short and cropped style, became an instant sensation and a symbol of the mod fashion movement.

The birth of twiggy hairstyles

What are the characteristics of twiggy hairstyles?

Twiggy hairstyles, inspired by the iconic British model Twiggy Lawson, are characterized by a distinctive and bold look that emerged during the 1960s. Here are some key characteristics of twiggy hairstyles.

The birth of twiggy hairstyles

1. Pixie cut precision

The hallmark of Twiggy hairstyles is the pixie cut – a short and cropped haircut that emphasizes precision and cleanliness. Hair is typically cut close to the scalp, creating a sleek and polished appearance.

2. Chic fringe

A defining feature of Twiggy hairstyles is the chic fringe that frames the forehead. The fringe is usually straight and cut just above the eyebrows. This adds a playful and youthful element to the overall look while drawing attention to the eyes.

3. Androgynous aesthetic

Twiggy hairstyles embrace an androgynous aesthetic, challenging traditional gender norms. The short length and clean lines of the haircut contribute to a gender-neutral and bold appearance, allowing individuals to express themselves beyond conventional expectations.

4. Low maintenance

Twiggy hairstyles are known for their low-maintenance appeal. The short length requires minimal styling, making it a practical choice for those who prefer a fuss-free hair routine. Despite its simplicity, the hairstyle exudes a sense of effortlessness and chic glamour.

5. Bold and confident

The Twiggy hairstyle reflects a bold and confident attitude. Its short length and daring nature signify a departure from more conventional, longer hairstyles, showcasing an individual's willingness to embrace a distinctive and fearless look.

6. Mod influence

Twiggy hairstyles are closely associated with the modern fashion movement of the 1960s. This style was a reaction against the conservative styles of the previous decade, and Twiggy's haircut became an emblematic representation of the mod subculture, characterized by its modern and avant-garde approach to fashion.

The birth of twiggy hairstyles

What is the best face shape for twiggy hairstyles?

Twiggy hairstyles, with their short and sleek characteristics, can complement various face shapes. However, certain face shapes may particularly suit the bold and confident look associated with twiggy's iconic hairstyle. The pixie cut and chic fringe elements can enhance specific features, creating a harmonious balance. Here are some face shapes that often work well with Twiggy hairstyles.

What is the best face shape for twiggy hairstyles?

1. Oval face shape

Twiggy hairstyles are versatile and tend to work well with oval face shapes. The balanced proportions of an oval face allow for experimentation with short, cropped styles without the risk of creating unflattering asymmetry.

2. Heart-shaped face

The clean lines and structured silhouette of Twiggy hairstyles can complement heart-shaped faces. The short length draws attention away from the forehead, while the fringe adds a soft touch, balancing the broader forehead characteristic of heart-shaped faces.

3. Round face shape

For those with round faces, a Twiggy-inspired hairstyle can add a touch of angularity and definition. The short cut and fringe create a vertical line, elongating the appearance of the face and adding a modern edge to the overall look.

4. Square face shape

Twiggy hairstyles can soften the angles of a square face while maintaining a bold and confident aesthetic. The clean lines and simplicity of the cut can complement the strong jawline associated with square face shapes.

5. Diamond face shape

Diamond face shapes, with their narrower foreheads and pointed chins, can benefit from the sleek and tailored look of Twiggy hairstyles. The fringe can help balance the forehead width, creating a flattering and stylish effect.

What is the best face shape for twiggy hairstyles?


The twiggy hairstyle remains an enduring symbol of timeless elegance and rebellion against societal norms. Its influence has transcended decades, leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion and inspiring countless individuals to embrace their own unique beauty. Whether you're drawn to its retro charm or seeking a bold and low-maintenance look, the Twiggy hairstyle invites you to channel your inner icon and step confidently into the world of timeless fashion.