The combinations of red and brown are endless. Red brown hair color comes in a variety of colors, making it a super variable hue that can suit all skin types. The red brown hair color complements a wide range of cosmetic trends, including bold red lips, smoky eyes, and natural, glowing skin. As a result, many black women prefer red brown hair color. What exactly is red brown hair color? How to create red brown hair? Read on, here's everything you need to know.

What is red brown hair color?

What is red brown hair color?

It's not a single hair color. Red brown hair covers all shades, from dark hair with a fiery glow to copper hair with a rich chocolate feel. Red brown hair color is a mix of red and brown tones. It can be achieved by blending different hues, from vibrant copper and red wine to golden brown and deep mauve, depending on the tone you want to achieve. red brown hair color
The red brown hair color offers incredible dimension and seems to glow with fiery warmth from the inside, balanced by the earthy yellow. The warm nutty shades range from the lightest copper maroon and medium russet to deep burgundy and mahogany.

What is red brown hair color?

What are the best red brown hair ideas for black women?

Do you want to give your hair a makeover? If you're ready to experiment with red brown hair color, you've come to the right place, red brown hair color is a great way to add warmth and brightness to your look in 2023, and with so many different shades and styles to choose from, there will always be one red brown hair color that works for everyone.

What are the best red brown hair ideas for black women?

1. purple-light red brown hair color

If copper hair color is more about highlighting your hair, then combining it with purple gives it more depth and elegance. Don't worry about standouts, because with this purple-light red brown hair color, you'll look younger and more modern. At present, red and purple are a very popular trend among young people. If you want to change your looks and become more youthful and active, the purple-light-red brown hair color is a great idea for you.

2. Dark auburn hair color

Auburn hair is one of our favorite ways to rock red brown hair color. If you want a slightly softer tone, consider a deep russet tone. The dark auburn hair color will be a perfect choice. Rich hues can make you wonder if this is your natural hair color! Dark shades of red and brown hair color always look elegant, especially when paired with neat loose curls. This fantastic hue suits all skin types and skin tones, as it may show up in different ways, depending on your skin tone.

3. Light auburn red hair color

If you're tied to an office job, chances are you're not allowed to have vivid, unnatural hair colors. However, that doesn't mean you should stick to your natural tones and forget to experiment with your tones. Try a rich auburn red tinge on your brown hair for a more striking look. Of the many reddish hours you can explore with your hair colorist, this hair color needs the most attention. As one of the most natural shades of red hair, it exudes a simple yet sensual air that makes you look more feminine and attractive.

4. Warm red brown hair color

The warm red brown hair color looks good on both dark and light skin tones! Next time you go to the hair salon, show your stylist this warm, pale red hue and ask him to try it. Add slightly wavy strands and feathery ends to give more texture and movement to your hair.

5. Brown hair with golden red highlights

A golden red shadow stripe on your natural black hair can create a gorgeous contrast. Brown hair with golden red highlights is one of the most popular coloring options for those who follow the trend, so if you want to try something new, go for it! Play with different shades of reddish brown and light brown to achieve amazing gradient effects like this one.


You've seen some beautiful examples where you'll find the diversity and range of red brown hair colors. From light shades of golden brown to darker shades of russet and mahogany, there are plenty of options for your reddish brown. The more melanin you have, the more you can go with a rufous tinge without it being too harsh on your skin. If you're very pale, try a lighter reddish-brown or red heavy color if you're interested in darker shades. Red adds to the brightening effect even in darker browns.