Girls like colorful hair and want to make their hair shiny and soft. They choose to dye the hair to different color. But, almost all the hair dye is chemical, and they will damage your hair to different degrees. This is a reason why so many girls shop for weave hair extensions. But do you know how to keep your colorful hair or ombre human hair weave healthy?

Here are the answers:

1. Get your services done at a salon that uses professional, conditioning hair color to avoid damage with box dye or other damaging colors.

-Hair stylists consider hair color and dying an art. They learn the universal rules for hair color and use their unique techniques to recreate any look their client desires. The results a client would achieve from choosing a professional to color their hair is far different than if they were to do it themselves at home. Sometimes hair needs to be lightened or bleached, which is very dangerous for your skin/scalp and quite damaging for hair in general if not done properly. Conditioning is always key when dying hair as the color strips away natural oils and shine of the hair as well. Colorists should memorize and fully understand the color wheel (as shown below) to create the best outcome and also correct any unwanted tones.

healthy colored hair

Yes, shampoo is also a key for the healthy hair:

2. Use a sulfate free shampoo for color care and avoid washing daily. Sulfates are aggressive towards color and will strip it faster. Try a dry shampoo to extend hair in between washes.

-If you notice a shampoo that lists Sodium Laureate Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or Ammonium Laureate Sulfate as its first ingredient, be warned. Sulfates in shampoos work to break down oils, dirt, and any other buildup left behind due to use of various hair products. You can basically compare it to a detergent for your hair. The chemical is so harsh, however, that people can't necessarily handle it on their scalp, hair, or hair follicles. It's even more harmful as we age. You can develop skin irritations from it, dry scalp or dandruff (the worst), hair loss, and it quickly fades color treated hair. The surface is a great hair care line that is used and carried at BBM Salon. Their entire product line is sulfate and alcohol-free. Frequent washing of the hair can also damage hair color in terms of longevity as it does fade each time. A great alternative would be to use a dry shampoo which allows your head to freshen up since it absorbs the oil on your scalp and head, as well as add tons of volume to thin or fine hair. But for hair extensions, for example, if it is virgin Malaysian kinky curly hair, you can buy the special shampoo for hair extensions or wigs.

healthy human hair

3. Turning down the heat in your shower will preserve the color in your hair, not to mention the health of your hair and skin. Try cooler water when washing hair to keep hair healthy and keep your color rich.

-In general, it's always a better idea to use cooler water when washing your hair. It is especially necessary when hair is colored. However, if it is difficult or uncomfortable at first, ease into it by using lukewarm water first then gradually go cooler with each wash. Hot water actually lifts the outer cuticle layer of one's hair and this is one of the most common reasons for hair color fading. You're basically speeding up the fading process which is a total waste of time and money. With cooler water, the cuticle remains closed and helps hair color last for longer periods of time.

About style your hair or 100 percent human hair:

4. Ask your stylist about products you can take home for heat protection and styling aids. Professional styling aids are usually free of harsh chemicals that will dull colors. Heat can fade color quickly, a professional heat protectant can avoid not only damage but also preserve the vibrancy of colors. If you have virgin or remy hair extension, for example, you want to straight the Malaysian loose wave virgin hair, you also need the healthy protectant.

-For those of you who love styling your hair, please keep in mind that heat protectants are a must! They add moisture to your hair while also adding a protective barrier so that the heat of the tools used doesn't reduce and strip away any moisture already there. It's pretty much the equivalent of sunscreen for your hair. So it's the same idea as using hot water in the shower, but worse since your applying the heat directly on the strands. This ruins the vibrancy of color treated hair which ends up helping in the fading process. The best recommendation would be to avoid using hot tools in general, but when you do so be cautious and use heat protectants.

colored weave hair

5. Ask your stylist to recommend an at-home deep conditioning or treatment according to your hair color, damage, or type. Taking initiative to take care of your hair in between services with help your stylist maintain the health of your hair during color services.

-Maintenance is key. One must help extend the life of their hair color. It's not only important for color treated hair, but for damaged hair as well. Deep conditioning is especially important as it improves many aspects of one's hair such as its elasticity, moisture, color, and growth. Another main concern most people have trouble with is breakage and split ends. Deep conditioning in between services helps restore strength and improve hair's texture. There are also many hair masks that would help penetrate moisture into the hair as another option.

6. Supplements (hair growth vitamins and multivitamins) along with a healthy diet can help with healthy hair growth. Getting all the nutrients your body needs will help with growth and shine. Malnutrition can cause hair loss or dullness.

-For those of you wanting to give your hair a boost internally, there are supplements on the market that can help with that. Before choosing a particular supplement, be sure to check with your doctor and/or dermatologist to ensure you are taking the right ones for you. This doesn't mean, however, that you replace a bad diet with supplements. Both go hand in hand. Always be sure you are eating well and keeping up a healthy lifestyle as well.

malaysian hair

Let's see the last one is what?

7. Always make sure to get regular trims to get rid of dead ends and keep the end of your cuticle sealed to avoid breakage in the long run. Especially with your color service!

-Even though trims don't actually help hair grow faster, as many believe, it does help improve the feel and look of your hair. When damaged and broken ends are trimmed, there is an overall healthier appearance since hair looks thicker, shinier, and fuller with far fewer flyaways. Since color also dries out the hair, it is best to trim hair regularly to maintain the best and healthiest appearance.

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