Boho braids are always going to be trendsetting, with celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Anya Taylor-Joy experimenting with loose bohemian braids, and we keep seeing them on social media with Diverse and trendier versions. If you love bohemian and love trendy boho looks, then allow me to introduce you to bohemian box braids today! Wide boho box braids save you a lot of time by only braiding the first few inches instead of all the way to the ends. In today’s blog, we will tell you more about bohemian box braids and 10 styles of popular bohemian box braid hairstyles for black women.

What Are Bohemian Box Braids?

Bohemian box braids are basically box braids, and unlike other braided braids, this hairstyle doesn't need to be braided all the way to the ends, only the first few inches of hair need to be braided, leaving the rest unbraided and left loose and curl, giving an overall fuller, voluminous feel. This protective hairstyle is perfect for those who love long braids. It's also lightweight, functional, and versatile, allowing you to style your curled ends however you want.

10 Bohemian Box Braids Styles for Black Women

Below we will introduce ten bohemian box braid hairstyles suitable for black women, each with its own characteristics, very beautiful and interesting. You won’t be able to resist the allure of boho box braids.

1. Goddess Boho Box Braid

Goddess Boho Box Braid

The difference between goddess braids and boho braids is very small, but boho braids are braids that are loosened somewhere, while goddess braids are braids that have a dropout. Either way, they both ooze queen and energy, so putting them together just rocks the table!

2. Half Up, Half Down Bohemian Box Braids

Half Up, Half Down Bohemian Box Braids

This style puts an unexpected new spin on the half-up, half-down look. A playful half-up, half-down style jazzes up this hairstyle while pairing it with boho-inspired box braids adds goddess sophistication. In short, it is a hairstyle that can surprise us.

3. Honey Blonde Boho Box Braids

Honey Blonde Boho Box Braids

If you want to accentuate your style, it's the color, and the honey blonde is the perfect natural hair color for you! If you're planning boho braids on your natural hair, opt for Blonde Pomade to give your tresses a honeyed sweetness.

4. Boho Box Braid Bun

Boho Box Braid Bun

Here's a chic way to style boho box braids into a bun. These curls look great in a messy bun, perfect for proms and parties, and have a great summer hairstyle.

5. Ombre Boho Box Braids

Ombre Boho Box Braids

Ombre is a very creative way to add more color to your braids and give the hairstyle a layered and creative look. If you don't want to damage your hair, you can buy hair extensions or wigs that have faded colors to complete the look.

6. Short Bohemian Box Braids

Short Bohemian Box Braids

If you want to rock your boho box braids without needing them to be long, short boho box braids are definitely the way to go. Plus short boho box braids take less time to do and will give you a lot more ease on your scalp, short boho box braids are definitely a good choice for the hot season.

7. Bob Boho Box Braids

Bob Boho Box Braids

It’s also a great idea to style your boho box braids into a bob, and if you want to get more creative with this hairstyle, you can accessorize it with rope and braid loops.

8. Blue Bohemian Box Braids

Blue Bohemian Box Braids

You can never go wrong with a touch of blue! Whether you're braiding with extensions or on your natural hair, blue is always popular and easy to create a stunning look!

9. Side-Swept Bohemian Box Braids

Side-Swept Bohemian Box Braids

Boho braid designs can be added to any hairstyle to give the whole hairstyle a fuller, more creative look. Check out this side-swept cornrow boho box braid hairstyle, how glorious, dreamy, and whimsical they look in this sun-kissed setting!

10. Small Bohemian Box Braids

Small Bohemian Box Braids

Boho box braids in mini braids scream elegance. But this mini braid hairstyle tends to take twice as long as usual to braid, and if you can stomach the many hours it takes to braid this look, then you can rock this style.


The above are 10 popular boho box braid hairstyles for black women, I hope you can get inspiration from them and create your own summer braid hairstyle. If you want to know more fashion information or hair knowledge, be sure to subscribe to us. We will continue to provide you with professional and timely content.