Braided hairstyles have long been a staple on the red carpet, offering elegance, versatility, and a touch of whimsy to celebrity looks. In 2024, braids continue to shine as a go-to choice for glamorous events, the red carpet has been graced with a variety of creative braids, showcasing the versatility and beauty of this classic hairstyle. On the runway, braids also have been used as an accessory, with intricate patterns and artsy styling. Whether you're attending a gala, celebrity, party or daily. Next, let's take a closer look at 10 creative braids that have made a splash on the red carpet in 2024, you can easily copy it to show your fashion style.

1.Fishtail Crown Braid

Fishtail Crown Braid

One of the standout braids on the red carpet this year is the fishtail crown braid. This elegant yet playful style features a fishtail braid wrapped around the head like a crown, creating a regal and sophisticated look. Celebrities like Emma Stone and Zendaya have been spotted rocking this braid with effortless charm, proving that it's a versatile choice for formal events.

2.Dutch Braided Updo

Dutch Braided Updo

For a chic and polished red carpet look, the Dutch braided updo has been a popular choice among celebrities. This style involves braiding the hair close to the scalp, creating a raised and structured updo that exudes elegance. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie have sported this braided updo with grace and style, making it a timeless option for formal occasions.

3.Bohemian Braided Half-Up

Bohemian Braided Half-Up

Bringing a bohemian vibe to the red carpet, the braided half-up hairstyle has been a favorite among trendsetting celebrities. This style combines loose waves with braided sections pulled back into a half-up style, creating a romantic and carefree look. Celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens and Lily Collins have embraced this boho-chic braid, adding a touch of whimsy to their red carpet ensembles.

4.Braided Top Knot

Braided Top Knot

For a modern twist on the classic top knot, celebrities have been incorporating braids into this iconic hairstyle. The braided top knot features a braided section wrapping around the base of the bun, adding texture and interest to the look. Stars like Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez have elevated the top knot with this braided variation, proving that simplicity can be stunning on the red carpet.

5.Romantic Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail

Combining romance and sophistication, the braided ponytail has been a go-to hairstyle for red carpet events. This style features a braided section incorporated into a sleek ponytail, adding an element of intricacy to the classic ponytail look. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have embraced this romantic braided ponytail, showcasing its versatility and charm on the red carpet.

6.Crown Braid with Floral Accents

Crown Braid with Floral

Adding a touch of nature to red carpet hairstyles, the crown braid with floral accents. This style features a crown braid adorned with delicate flowers, creating a whimsical and ethereal look. Stars like Florence Pugh and Saoirse Ronan have embraced this floral-infused braid, bringing a fresh and feminine vibe to the red carpet.

7.Braided Side Sweep

Braided Side Sweep

For a glamorous and sophisticated red carpet look, the braided side sweep has been a popular choice among celebrities. This style involves braiding a section of hair and sweeping it elegantly to one side, creating a dramatic yet polished effect. Celebrities such as Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman have rocked this braided side sweep with grace and sophistication, making it a timeless choice for formal events.

8.Textured Braided Bun

Textured Braided Bun

Adding texture and dimension to red carpet hairstyles. This style combines braided sections with tousled waves, creating a relaxed yet chic bun. Stars like Dakota Johnson and Zoey Deutch have embraced this textured braided bun, showcasing its effortless beauty on the red carpet.

9.Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk

Making a bold statement on the red carpet, the braided Mohawk has been a daring and fashion-forward choice for celebrities. This edgy style features braided sections along the center of the head, creating a Mohawk-inspired look that exudes confidence and attitude. Celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Zendaya have embraced this braided Mohawk with fearless style, proving that braids can be both fierce and glamorous.

10.Braided Crown with Jeweled Accents

Braided Crown with Jewel

Adding a touch of sparkle to red carpet hairstyles, the braided crown with jeweled accents has been a stunning choice for celebrities. This style features a braided crown adorned with jeweled accessories, creating a regal and glamorous look. Stars like Beyoncé and Rihanna have elevated this braided crown with dazzling jewels, making it a standout choice for high-profile events.


Braids continue to be a versatile and stylish choice for red carpet hairstyles in 2024. From intricate updos to bohemian-inspired looks, celebrities have showcased a range of creative braids that are both timeless and on-trend. Whether it's a fishtail crown braid or a braided Mohawk, these 10 creative braids have left a lasting impression on the red carpet. With a bit of practice and creativity, you can easily recreate these 10 creative braids and make a stunning look at your next event.