Whether it's a prom, wedding or birthday party, or anniversary, there are always many special occasions that call for fancy hairstyles. In order not to miss these important days, your memos are sure to be filled with dates for birthdays, shows, parties, and events of all kinds! Also, you must be constantly looking for the right hairstyle for every occasion to make you look glamorous that day. In this blog, we recommend 10 easy and sophisticated hairstyles to help you look beautiful on any occasion.

Since messy hair first hit the red carpet, formal hairstyles have gotten a lot easier. Inspired by red carpet looks and this season's upcoming trends, our 10 easy hairstyles will have you stepping out feeling like royalty with an elegant, regal look.

1. Braided Crown Hair

Braided Crown Hair

Braided crowns have stunning effects and a very romantic look. This style is especially popular. Because this style is easy to create and results in a trendy and bohemian look. More and more women are letting their hair grow longer to do this braid, which is perfect for any occasion. Elegant and sophisticated for special occasions, this hairstyle looks stunning for everyday life or parties and doesn’t require a lot of work to style. Thick crown braids blend naturally into the hair, and can also be paired with some accessories to make the look even more glamorous.

2. Full Curls for Short Hair

Full Curls for Short Hair

Short hair also has many benefits. Not only it is easier to manage and design, but it also requires less maintenance and saves you time. In addition, short hair is also very versatile in styling. Full curls for short hair can also look gorgeous. Full curls add volume to thin, short hair, and loose curls keep the overall look comfortable and effortless. The trick to this curly style is to roll it out and up rather than straight up and down.

3. Voluminous Updo Hairstyle

Voluminous Updo

Sometimes some chic hairstyles don't need to be perfectly combed, they look messy or have random beauty. You don’t need to secure every strand of hair, instead, random combinations of braids and tendrils can also create the voluminous and fluffy updo hairstyle.

4. Multiple Braids

Multiple Braids

Take a section of your hair on one side and braid it into several braids, which can be thick or thin, in different styles or a uniform style. The end of the braid is then secured with clips, you can accessorize it with a pretty bobby pin, or tie the rest of your hair and braid it into a low ponytail, either way, they are sure to make you look unique.

5. Half Up Half Down with Bow

Half Up Half Down with Bow

If you prefer to let your hair down and prefer simple yet chic hairstyles, then this half up half down with bow hairstyle is definitely for you. The half up half down with bow hairstyle works with any accessory and creates a cute yet sophisticated look that looks lively and alive.

6. Space Buns

Space Buns

No one can deny the fun that comes with space buns. This hairstyle is full of a youthful and lively atmosphere. This quirky chic, eye-catching style is the perfect look to make you stand out from the crowd. From festive frenzy to girly nights out, this style will turn everyone's head! This hairstyle is also very easy to do, you don’t need much effort, and it’s versatile, many different styles can be styled. Come and experience this vibrant and wonderful world together.

7. Chic Pony with Bow

chic pony with bow

Nothing helps us style our hairstyles with ease like a cute oversized bow. Stunning accessories can complete any look and make it a glamorous highlight. It could be a colored headband, head scarves, or bow. Nothing can replace the literary and elegant temperament created by the lovely bowknot.

8. Messy Curly Bob with a Braid

Messy Curly Bob with a Braid

The curly unkempt medium-length bob is a vivid example of the trendy bedhead style that you can make in a matter of minutes. If your hair is naturally curly, you don’t even need to worry about the imperfection of the waves. Braid an asymmetric braid, wrapping your head on one side as an adornment and a clear sign that you’ve still styled your hair this morning.

9. Loose Curls and Waterfall Twist

Loose Curls and Waterfall Twist

Whether you already have curly hair or curl it with an iron, this waterfall braid is a great option for you. It's romantic yet casual. While it may seem a little complicated, once you get the hang of this style, it's easy to upgrade standard curls for special occasions. We could imagine it paired with a strapless gown and a statement necklace, or with a simple cocktail dress and comfortable heels. You can easily become the center of attention. This hairstyle is also very suitable for daily life, work or travel.

10. Top Knot Bun

Top Knot Bun

Another quick and easy hairstyle you can do is a top knot bun. It looks like a super simple yet stylish look. This is an effortlessly chic look. You'll find yourself loving this look for all occasions, whether it's work, school, parties, or just lounging around the house.


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