Christmas parties are probably the year's most anticipated parties. However, being busy with shopping, party planning, cooking, and preparation time may be very tight, and you may overlook other important things like hairstyle. Christmas is a special time for all of us, and you will want to stay classy at the lively party. Don't worry this blog suggests some Christmas hairstyles that inspire you.

1. Low Bun

Low Bun

A low round bun is a look that is easy to maintain and does not appear messy. There's something a little sexier when it comes to the messy look. It can even be dressed up if you're in formal wear, with just a few statement earrings and sparkly eye shadow.

To make your bun look less boring, use hair extensions to add volume. This will give you a fuller, sweeter look. All in all, it is an easy and high-class hairstyle at the same time.

2. Twisted Low Bun

Twisted Low Bun

This classic look is perfect for girls who pick their outfits carefully. the halo can prevent your bun from looking soft by adding extra volume. Pair it with your favorite strapless dress and shiny earrings, creating a sophisticated, natural look. You'll be the most elegant girl at this Christmas party.

3. Vintage Waves

Vintage Waves

Vintage waves are another classic Christmas party hairstyle, perfect for formal events. Start with clean, dry hair and spray it with a heat protection spray to protect it and give it a shine. Blow dry your hair with a wide barrel brush to give more volume and fluff. Then add some texturizing spray to the roots and mid-lengths of your hair.

Next, use a large curling iron and curl your hair. Keeping your hair flat and straight while wrapping it around the curlers is key to creating vintage waves. Apply some anti-frizz at the end of the curl. The hair behind the ears is the hallmark of this style. Push your hair to the side and use a tail comb on the side behind your ears. Secure with bobby pins.

4. Braid Your Hair With Flowers

Braid Your Hair With Flowers

This hairstyle is an elfin look. Use Christmas tree branches and small flowers to create a cute hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for girls who have blonde hair. This hairstyle requires you to take two parts of hair from both sides, and the hair can be more. Then weave it into the middle and secure it with a leather band. Then take some more hair and weave it down.

Be careful not to make the hair too tight. Finally, place the prepared twigs and flowers in the hair. Secure in place with bobby pins and spray hairspray. You want to make sure there aren't any sharp spikes that might hook you or your hair.

5. Curly Low Ponytail

Curly Low Ponytail

This cute curly low ponytail is better for girls with long and slightly curly hair. Loosely curl and tie your hair into a low ponytail, as shown above, leaving 2 thicker sections in the front. Twist one section of hair into a loop and wrap it around the bottom of the ponytail, securing it with bobby pins.

Repeat this step, but wrap the second section opposite to create this braided effect. You don't have to comb your hair neatly; creating a messy look is more beautiful.

6. Low Braided Ponytail

Low Braided Ponytail

This is a stylish ponytail braid. This eye-catching style is a playful take on the traditional ponytail and is perfect for glamorous Christmas parties and low-key celebrations. Creating this hairstyle is very easy to do. It won't add a hint of stress to your busy holiday season.

tie your hair into a low ponytail and braid it. You can also add a cute hair ribbon or accessory to make your hairstyle look gorgeous and lovely. I suggest you can make use of Christmas ribbons or headbands. This is more in line with the Christmas theme.

7. High Braided Ponytail

High Braided Ponytail

Looking for something that has a high value but is also very easy and stress-free? We suggest a braided ponytail. A braided ponytail is unique. Your hair is pulled back, and your face is fully exposed. Brush or comb your hair back and spray with hairspray to tame flyaways. Once you have your ponytail in place, secure it with an elastic band or hair tie.

Divide the ponytail into two sections. Take a small section from the outside one side of one section and bring it to the inside of the other section and repeat on both sides. You want to go over each side down to the middle. Once you reach the end of the ponytail, tie it with an elastic band to gently pull out the end of the braid to fluff it up and make it look fuller.


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