Recently Zendaya has been in the public eye together. Zendaya and Holland were spotted leaving the Crosby Street Hotel in Lower Manhattan on their way to a screening of Holland's new action flick Uncharted, in which he stars opposite Mark Wahlberg on the evening of Wednesday, February 16. They walked out of the hotel holding hands together, looking very close and happy. Not only showing off their lovely relationship but also showing off their fabulous pairing.

You can see Zendaya's wonderful combination in this photo. For the outing, fashion icon Zendaya wore an effortless oversized black shirtdress with a belt around the waist. She paired the shirtdress with a super sheer black bodysuit, pointed Christian Louboutin heels, and a black face mask. Apart from that, as a hair fashion follower, her hairstyle also caught our attention. Zendaya swept her auburn hair into soft waves for a tousled fluff. This is the bounce blowout you've been seeing all over your feed lately.  

How Do I Get a Bouncy Blowout Hair Look?

Do you have to go to the salon to have this fluffy and bouncy hair? No, you can do it by yourself. In this section, we will tell you how to get a bouncy blowout hairstyle at home.

1. Brush and detangle your hair

Firstly, make sure that you have removed all the knots of your wig to keep your wig smooth. Because tangled hair will be a hindrance to getting perfect bouncy blowout hair. Maybe the final look will be very messy or frizzy.

2. Condition your hair

Because you need to use a hairdryer to make style on your wig, moisture, and conditioner are necessary to protect your hair. To make the most out of your volumizing shampoo and conditioner, avoid using conditioner on the roots and only add generously to the lengths and ends. Heat protection is also a must when working with heat-styling tools to avoid any further damage to the hair.

3. Blow and style your hair

After finishing the above two steps, you can use a blow dryer to restyle it. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to achieving a bouncy blowout hairstyle.

Step 1: Dividing your hair into smaller sections will make your hair more manageable, which will simplify the drying process and present you with more control.

Step 2: Using your barrel or round brush to separate the hair, blow-dry against the natural direction it lays from the root to the ends. This encourages more volume and avoids hair from falling flat against the scalp.

Step 3: Apply heat to your hair around the brush and repeat the process for each section of hair until dry. For extra volume, grab some volumizing mousse and work it into hair from roots to mid-length.

Step 4: Brush through your hair with a soft brush or your fingertips for a bouncy hairstyle. Then use a little hairspray to help it keep the bouncy and blowout style.

Some Auburn Wigs Recommend For You

Following Zendayas fashion steps, we believe auburn hair will be one of the trends in 2022. Here are some similar wigs we want to recommend for you.

1. Auburn Loose Wave 13x4 Lace Front Wigs

This is a sheer auburn color wig. It is suitable for girls of any style and of course for any occasion. This is a wig that highlights your tenderness and charm. The picture shown is a long wig, if you want to get the same hair look as Zendaya, we have different lengths for you to choose from, 14-26 inches are all available. You can decide which length to choose according to your preference.

loose deep wave

2. U Part Dark Auburn 

The hair color of this wig is close to Zenyada's hair color, and both belong to dark roots. This wig combines black and auburn and uses auburn as the highlight. The color contrast can add more interest to your hair's appearance. At the same time, it is a U-part wig, which means it is easy to install and also more affordable. Perfect for beginners and girls on a budget.

Body Wave Wigs

3. Red Brown Auburn Body Wave Human Hair Wigs

This wig mixes red and brown to add this wig an extra glamour look. If you think brown is so common, then you can choose this red. This one is available in 18 and 24 inches. This is a 13x4 lace front wig, which means you can make free parts to meet your different styling needs.

red brown body wave


Zendaya has always been one of the fashion leaders of women of color. This auburn bouncy blowout hair has attracted the attention of many hairstyle fashionistas. This hairstyle not only visually adds volume but also adds glamour to you. If you want the same hairstyle as Zendaya, then you can try this hairstyle