The footsteps of spring are getting closer before we realize. We are going to take off our heavy padded jackets and welcome the arrival of the beautiful spring. Spring is a season of recovery of all things, and all kinds of flowers are in full bloom, which is definitely the most anticipated season.

Therefore, do you want to make some changes for yourself this spring? and what hairstyle do you want to keep in this beautiful season? If you have no idea yet, today we're going to introduce the spring hair color trend in 2022 for you that will refresh your look this spring, hoping to give you some inspiration.

1. Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry blonde hair has been on trend again recently. Maybe many girls don't have a clear definition of strawberry blonde. It’s a gorgeous hue that combines hints of blonde, red, pink, and gold for the ultimate warm shade. This warm strawberry gold will make your appearance super gentle.

Of course, you can choose darker or lighter strawberry blonde according to your preference. Trust me, your strawberry blonde hair will definitely add a lot of glamour under the spring sun.

strawberry blonde

2. Piano Honey Blonde Hair Color

Brown has always been a popular hair color. Interlacing light and dark brown hair look richer and more interesting than sheer brown. Warm honey blonde highlight hair will match your skin tone perfectly. It is especially suitable for the early spring and will remind people of the latte in the warm early spring. Imagine you could put on your long trench coat and have a romantic date with your friends or your boyfriend. With honey blonde hair, you are the epitome of tenderness and beauty!

Piano Honey Blonde

3. 99J Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy is a deep reddish-purple. The hair color is named after the Burgundy wine in France. No one can say no to a burgundy hair color in any season. Because burgundy hair color is so appealing, you will fall in love with the color and design.

In the warm spring, you can invite your friends to have a picnic in the wild, with green lawns, beautiful flowers, delicious food, and a glass of red wine, you will spend a wonderful and happy half day. Trust me, burgundy hair will make you extra eye-catching in pictures with your friends.

99J Burgundy

4. Pink Hair Color

Pink has always been a symbol of youth and cuteness. Beautiful pink has the ability to make people’s moods get bright, and it has always been a favorite color of many people. Pink also goes well with colorful spring, like cherry blossoms and peach blossoms in full bloom.

If you are someone who dares to experiment with bold hair color, then pink is a color that you should definitely try once. Pink hair can be as bold and subversive or demure and delicate as you want it to be, depending on which shade you choose — and as we said, there's a lot.

Pink Hair

5. 613 Lightest Blonde Hair Color

This is the lightest shade of gold that can help brighten your skin tone and accentuate your facial features. And gold is an attractive color. With the sunshine at the spring noon, whether it is the seaside or the park, the gold is very shiny. It will look very gorgeous and high-class in the sun.

And there are a lot of possibilities with blonde bundles. The number one benefit of 613 blonde hair is that it eliminates the need for bleaching. You can dye it into any color you like.

613 Lightest Blonde

6. Copper Red Hair Color

The copper-red combination is an unstoppable force of strength, boldness, and shine. Red copper hair color is a rich, bright blend of red and orange/brown, consisting of the perfect balance: the Red pigment brings the intensity and depth, in this case shadowing, while the Copper provides the light reflecting glow, enriching Hair with a contouring volume and multi-dimensional radiance. It is also a color that suits your skin tone very well. Picking a warm hair color is a smart choice for a warm spring.

Copper Red

7. Ginger Hair Color

Ginger is a warm and spicy shade of red. It also tends to be quite light and natural in appearance with a slight touch of warm brown. Of course, it is also divided into dark ginger and light ginger. The dark ginger is closer to red, while the light ginger looks like the color of orange soda, which looks very vibrant. Hair color, no matter how bright, won't look too out of place on a colorful spring day. And ginger hair color can definitely show your unique charm in spring.

Ginger Hair Color


After a long winter, you may have been tired of your black or brown hair color, then spring is an opportunity to change your hair color. A beautiful hair color paired with a beautiful spring will put you in a very moody mood. We mainly introduce seven stunning hair color ideas today, hope you can find your own favorite among them. Do you have any other hair color recommendations for this spring? Welcome to share with us in the comment section.