Winter is drawing to a close, and glorious spring is coming! Are you tired of your winter wigs? Do you want to get a new hairstyle and create a refreshing look for spring? Exciting good news for you! Nadula recently launched new ginger wigs! If you haven't tried a ginger wig, then you must not miss this blog. Let's go ahead and pay attention to the new arrivals!

Nadula #33 Ginger / Copper Red Wigs Kinky Curly Monofilament Cap Wig Glueless Wig

Ginger Red Wigs

The first is a medium-length dark ginger wig with a blend of copper colors. Bob wigs have always been the love of girls with short hair. In this ginger bob wig, you can see some faint brown highlights, which mixed with ginger bob short hair, will add more fun to your wig and will make you look more dynamic.

There are two different lengths for you to choose from, 14 inches and 16 inches. Besides, this is a 13x4 ginger lace front wig, which means you can do the free part as you like. And if you want to make it more different, you can restyle it with your curling iron or straightener.

Medium-length wigs are easier to care for than long hair and save more time in styling; compared to short hair, there are more styling options. Whether you want a cool or cute hairstyle, this ginger bob wig can meet your needs.

Ginger Copper Red Middle Part Water Wave Human Hair Wigs

Ginger Copper Red Water Wave

Water wave wigs have been popular for a long time. The ginger-colored water wave is reminiscent of the glowing water surface under the setting sun in spring, giving us a very warm feeling.

This is a T Part hair wig. If you are used to doing middle part hairstyles in your daily life, then this one will be perfect for you. You don't have to worry the less lace will make the wig unnatural. This wig has lace coverage at the hairline and the middle part to give you the most natural look. And compared to wigs with large areas of lace, the price are more affordable. If you have a limited budget and want a beautiful long ginger wig, it is your wig.

Long hair is always favored by more people, and they are always easy enough to make you look gorgeous. But if you want a short ginger water wave wig, we have many lengths for you to choose from, from 14 to 26 inches. Whether you want long hair or short hair, Nadula can provide it for you

Some Other Ginger Wigs In Nadula

In addition to the latest ginger wigs, Nadula has some other high-quality and natural ginger wigs, if you want more options, then read on below.

1. 4x0.75 T Part Orange Ginger Body Wave Wig With Baby Hair

T Part Orange Ginger Body Wave Wig

This orange ginger wig is lighter than the above two wigs, closer to orange. It's a lot like the color of orange soda, giving people a bright and lively feel.

Lengths range from 14 to 24 inches, you can choose whatever you want. Short hair will look very energetic and cute, long hair will make people more gorgeous. In this age where body waves are extremely popular, orange body waves can easily stand out from a group of black or brown body wave hair and become the focus of the crowd.

2. Jerry Curly Ginger Color Middle Part Wig

Jerry Curly Ginger Color Middle Part Wig

The Jerry curly wig is one of the most popular wigs. A large number of small curls gather to create its unique texture and create a fluffy and dense feel. This is dark ginger formed after adding brown. If you think orange ginger or copper ginger is too bright, then this color will be perfect for you.

There are two kinds of wig caps, 4x0.75 T part and 13x4 lace front wig, the lengths are available in the range of 14 to 24 inches, you can choose according to your own needs and preferences. The larger the lace area, the more comfortable it will be to wear, the free part can be made and the price will be higher; the T part wig is more affordable, and the cap will be more durable, but it can only maintain the middle part hairstyle.

3. Short Ginger Bouncy Curly Human Hair Wigs

3.Short Ginger Bouncy Curly Human Hair Wigs

The last one is a short ginger curly wig whose length is 10 inches. Short curly hair tends to look more voluminous, so it will make your face look very small, and short hair can also accentuate your pretty neck. This will definitely be a wig that can add more charm to your style.

And it's a glueless wig, meaning you don't need any glue, which will save you a lot of time and experience in the morning. And the price is more affordable than the above wigs. If you happen to be a girl who wants to try short orange hair, then this one is for you.


Today we recommend some ginger hair wigs for you. The pursuit of beauty should not be stopped by anything. We African American girls can pull off colored wigs. Ginger wigs on dark skin are definitely gorgeous. As long as you like the ginger wigs, then you can try them boldly. This spring, you will be the most beautiful scenery.