Are you looking for a hairstyle that will never go out of style? So today we introduce you to a classic and timeless French hairstyle. Birkin bangs hairstyle can definitely meet your needs. Because this conclusion has been proven time and time again. Due to the popularity of French beauty brands and French skincare secrets, many people are attracted and have a good experience knowing that they have a classic and timeless side. The same is true for Birkin Bangs, which have been tried by many celebrities, and the celebrities are the best proof. Read on to learn more about Birkin bangs.

1. What Are Birkin Bangs?

Birkin bangs have been around since the 60s, popularized by French icon Jane Birkin. As a model and actress in the 1960s and 70s, Birkin's bangs became an integral part of her signature look. Birkin bangs are also named after Jane Birkin's signature fringe. These bangs are short, slightly feathered, and very flattering. Many celebrities love and have tried this hairstyle. Everyone from Anne Hathaway to Jenna Ortega, Emily Ratajkowski, and Zendaya has opted for this bang. Zendaya wore the bangs at the 2021 London Film Festival, as well as Megan Fox at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. Birkin bangs look especially good with long, straight-layered hairstyles. Now, with the increased interest in retro hairstyles, Birkin bangs are back in fashion and are gaining a whole new class of fans.

Jane Birkin bangs

2. The Features of Birkin Bangs

Birkin Bangs are characterized by wispy bangs, which can create a disheveled look, as if there is a breeze now and then, keeping it relaxed and undisturbed, and it looks fun and flirty. It is precise because of their slender nature that they can fully show the casual and light temperament of platinum bag bangs. Birkin Bangs are not usually considered curtain bangs because of their slightly different lengths. Birkin Bangs typically sit in the space between the brow and eyelashes, while curtain bangs can often extend from mid-cheek to chin length. While Birkin bangs are long enough to cover brows, they're sparse enough not to completely cover them without being chunky at all. Birkin bangs can be your inspiration when designing other hairstyles and styles. Birkin Bangs is also considered an it girl must-have for their timeless style.

Lily Collins

Birkin bangs are very flattering, suitable for most face shapes, and can be combined with a variety of hairstyles. So, if you’re looking for a fresh, on-trend hairstyle to try, the Birkin bangs might be just right for you.

3. How To Get Birkin Bangs?

Trimming this type of bang tends to take some skill and no blunt clipping is required. You can cut Birkin Bangs yourself, check out our tutorial on clip-on bangs and practice them. But for those who are not good at trimming hair, we recommend that you go to a barber shop and have it done by a professional hair stylist in a salon, which is a safer choice. If you ask a stylist about textured, tousled bangs, they'll almost immediately get what you mean and highly recommend Birkin Bangs. Of course, you can also ask your stylist to create bangs that are more suitable for your face shape and hairstyle.

Jenna Ortega bangs

The beauty of Birkin bangs is that they don't need to be trimmed very often, you don't have to spend a lot of time on them, and you don't go through awkward phases during any period when the bangs grow out. And they're so versatile they can go with just about any hairstyle. Whether you wear your hair up or down, the soft, face-framing fringe adds an effortless and casual feel to your look.

Any hairstyle needs maintenance, and while Birkin bangs are simple enough, it does require some styling maintenance from time to time, especially if you have oily hair. Using a decent dry shampoo will help your bangs stay oil-free better.

Zendaya hairstyle

4. Conclusion

Beautiful bangs can make our hairstyle and appearance more distinctive. If you want to embrace the fashion aesthetic, full, shiny, and light Birkin Bangs are the best choice. This picture bang is very versatile, whether it is straight or curly hair, it can show stunning results when paired with Birkin Bangs. We're obsessed with how effortless and breezy they look when paired with tousled curls. It looks sleek and modern when paired with sleek, straight hair. If you love bangs or want to try something new, try it out now.