Purple hair stands out among all hair colors, and it's one of the most popular looks on the internet. The purple family contains many different shades, from light to dark, each purple hue exudes a unique charm, giving people a mysterious, elegant, and noble feeling. Searches for purple hair color and lilac hair are also on the rise, which also bodes well for the purple trend's rapid popularity. So, if you want to try new hair colors, and are adventurous, bold, and courageous, then you must not miss out on stunning purple hair in 2023.

purple hair

1. The Charm And Symbolism of Purple

Purple is a neutral to cool tone, which is a blend of warm red and calm blue. Different red and blue ratios can get different degrees of purple. Purple is a noble color, symbolizing holiness, nobility, calmness, love, elegance, and supreme power. In modern times, people endow purple with symbolic meanings such as missing, eternity, purity, melancholy, magic, and charm. The lighter purple represents memories and misses, mixed with melancholy and sad feelings; purple represents irresistible, unpredictable, and wonderful power, and is a symbol of magic, magic, magic and other supernatural things; blue purple symbolizes the universe, and fantasy, There is also the meaning of loneliness. In the West, purple represents nobility and is the favorite color of nobles. This originates from the ancient Roman Empire Tiers, and the commonly used purple dye was only worn by nobles. The monarch will wear purple clothes when attending important occasions, and at high-end banquets, the table decorations are mostly purple. In Chinese tradition, purple represents the sage, the air of the emperor. Many palaces where emperors live are also named after purple, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing, also known as the "Forbidden City". When there is an auspicious sign, it is called Ziqi Donglai, it means the Purple Air comes from the east -- a propitious omen. The clothing of senior officials is also vermilion.

light purple

Nowadays, many young men and women like to dye their hair in various colors, which can show their unique personality and make themselves look different. Purple hair is especially popular. Because purple seems to have a romantic and beautiful artistic conception, which can make people relax and is very pleasing to the eye. Purple is an elegant, noble, profound, mysterious, and slightly melancholic color that cannot be forgotten.

2. Is Purple Hair Suitable for Skin Tone?

Purple hair is more versatile, you can try it with white skin and dark skin, and even if you are wheat-colored, you don’t have to worry about it. Purple is just in harmony with the skin tone, and people with dark skin look more charming with purple hair.

silver purple hair

If you have light skin with cooler undertones, try violet orchid as your new color. Unlike lavender, the orchid has slightly bluish undertones that flatter cool-toned skin. If you have a light skin tone with warm undertones, you can try lavender hair. In addition, you can also consider trying purple gradient hair, which is also a very popular purple hairstyle now. If you have fair skin, try lilac hair color. A subtle mix of purple and blue gives the hair a soft and exotic look. Silver purple hair is also great for fair skin, flattering your skin tone and undertone, looking beautiful, sophisticated, and vibrant. If you have a medium skin tone, try indigo or fuchsia hair. These two shades will look beautiful against your medium skin tone. Ash-purple and smoky-pink hair can be worn by just about anyone, and they're also very trendy. The slightly reddish purple hair is called crimson-purple, commonly known as grape red. It is a relatively mature hair color, and it can be matched with curly hair to highlight femininity. This hair color is very suitable for girls with dark skin, and it is particularly temperamental to any hairstyle. Both long hair and short hair are suitable for purple hair dyeing, short hair is more fashionable when dyed, and the hair color is very white. This hair color is also very low-key and natural, it will not feel very eye-catching, and it can also bring out the rosy complexion of the skin. If you choose a lighter crimson-purple, it will be more suitable for young girls, and it is also very white.


3. The Charm of Gorgeous Purple Ombre Hair

Ombre hair is very popular. The gradual transition of two or more similar tones looks very layered. Compared with the monotony of one color, the color of ombre hair is often richer and can create a beautiful and unique look. Plus the ombre mimics the new growth of dyed hair, so frequent touch-ups are unnecessary. Ombre purple hair gives people a sense of luxury and is very eye-catching. This hair color does not pick the skin tone, no matter the length of the hair can be controlled, but the difference in length will also show different styles. The gorgeous purple ombre hair color is rich and can brighten and freshen up your look, and it looks very temperamental.

Purple Colored Ombre Wig Body Wave

4. Conclusion

Purple is one hair color that should never be missed this year. Mysterious purple strikes the perfect balance between statement and understated. Purple hair looks extra glamorous too. From midnight magenta to sexy violet, you can try all shades of purple. If you don't want to frequently dye or damage your hair, choosing a wig of the right color is the best way. You can change the wig at any time to create different styles, and you can also change your style to participate in different activities at any time. Nadula Hair provides you with high-quality human hair in a wide variety of styles, which you can choose with confidence.