Purple Ombre hair is a creative and fun way to get that amazing daily look! If you've never had purple Ombre hair, now is the time to do it. You'll be happy to see that this emotional color turns into a sensational color in your hair. Today I'm going to introduce you to some of the most popular hair ideas for 2023 with different shades of purple Ombre hair.

Purple Ombre hair

The best purple Ombre hair color ideas in 2023

If you're looking for a way to add a shocking dimension to your hair, then now is the time to get infatuated with these amazing purple Ombre ideas! The Ombre purple hair is a fun way to shake up dull hair. Here are 8 different purple Ombre hair colors that will dominate social media in 2023, so don't miss them. No matter what skin tone you have or what type of hair you have, there is always one purple Ombre hair color that suits you best. Let’s go!

The best purple Ombre hair color ideas in 2023

1. Purple and red Ombre

Who would have thought that red and purple color could form such a jaw-dropping combination? In fact, the red enhances purple and brings out a vivid undertone. Therefore, if you're looking for a hair color style that will make you stand out in a crowd, it's hard to think of a better choice than purple and red Ombre hair color.

2. Natural brown hair roots with purple Ombre

Those who aren't ready to dive into all heads of purple hair can achieve this trendy hair color by adding purple Ombre only to the ends of your hair. With natural brown roots, purple Ombre still looks contrasting and edgy. However, it allows you to get a more varied look for your hair.

3. Purple Balayage

If you want to increase the fullness and dimension of your hair, the purple Balayage may be your best choice. This technique works best for thin and flat hair, as well as for cuts that require volume and depth, thanks to the addition of purple highlights to your hair, which make your hair looks full.

4. Pale purple Ombre hair

This pale purple Ombre hair is a sure way for girls with natural blonde or fair hair. It should start with a light color at the base, such as gray or gold, and blend gently into a light purple in the middle. The pale purple Ombre hair is not for people with dark skin.

5. Pink and dark purple Ombre

Maybe you don't know, the combination of pink and dark purple is very beautiful. Since the two colors are on the same side of the color wheel, it doesn't take much effort to achieve cohesion in your hair. This is especially advantageous if you have straight hair, as it requires more precision to create a smooth transition between colors.

6. Light purple Ombre

Are you still struggling with your medium-length hair? Should you cut your hair short or make it longer? Medium-length waves with a hint of smoky mauve or light purple hair color are so cute! These soft violets complement skin tones with pinkish tones. It looks best on your medium-length hair.

7. Silver to purple coloring

Match your waves with these cool shades! Play with some blue-purple and off-white goodies for a modern funky effect. The silver to purple coloring is a new hair trend in 2023. By the way, the silver to purple coloring is a hair color that is friendly to every age group.

8. Violet Ombre

Do you want to make your natural black hair wonderful? Let your dark black hair sparkle wherever it goes when you finish with this brilliant violet Ombre. Tying your hair straight shows how smooth and impressive the color transition is. If you have dark skin, maybe light purple is not for you, but the violet Ombre hair color looks best on a black woman.


No matter how you imagine purple Ombre hair color, it can be created. You just need to take some time to discuss with your colorist all the options for your hair type and texture. More likely, though, if you want to add purple Ombre hair to your black hair, the dark hair will need to be pre-dimmed, as creative colors show up better on lighter hair. However, rest assured that no matter what color your base is, there is a purple Ombre hair color for you. In addition, it's so versatile that it pairs with almost every shade available to form countless awesome color combinations, from subtle lilac highlights to full-on blue and purple hair Ombre. To infuse you with some inspiration, there are 8 purple Ombre hair color ideas you can choose from.