Regarding wearing wigs, most women will choose wigs that are close to their skin color, because it is more conservative and will not stand out because of the color of the hair. But if always wear black and brown wigs, have you considered changing your hair color? Like brighter, bolder colors? When you open fashion magazines, watch fashion shows, or some videos, you will see a lot of bold and colorful wigs. You must have been tempted by this. Let us appreciate some fashionable colored wigs now.

1. Why Are the Color Wigs So Popular?

There are a variety of colored wigs to choose from. Each style of colorful wig is very beautiful and imaginative. With different colors of clothes, it will make you look very fashionable and individual, full of youthful vitality, to make a complete change in your appearance.

purple wig

2. 7 Wonderful Color Wigs for Dark Skin

For Dark Skin girls, can try wigs of various colors, and they all look very charming. Below are some of the more beautiful and distinctive colored wigs.

2.1 Charming Purple Wigs

It is no coincidence that purple is a favored color among royalty. Purple and its various shades, such as violet and magenta bring to mind wisdom and luxury. While lighter shades such as lavender are fun and delicate. Be the queen of all you survey by rocking a purple wig and see how it brings out the melanin in the skin of the African Queen that you are.

The deep, dark purple is vibrant. It perfectly complements dark skin and works well with natural-looking, dark roots. The shoulder-length, curly style is also perfect and gives a classic and sophisticated look to the wearer. The lavender purple is a bit like a dark lavender tone. No matter how long the wig length, the purple color is always flattering and makes any color look sophisticated and grown up. This purple is creative. The pale lavender look is all about being fun and feminine. It creates a super soft and delicate look that is perfect for occasions when you feel romantic.

pale purple wigs

2.2 Stunning Red Wigs

Red is the color of strength, energy, and passion. It's also a sure way of garnering attention. Red is a color that turns heads and is a natural hair color, is acceptable at pretty much any event, depending on how you style your wig. Reds are for the bold and fearless, so if you want to embrace your inner diva consider this color in your next human hair wig.

red wig

2.3 Reddish Brown Curly Wigs

However, if you are more inclined to rock a full head of riotous, reddish-brown curls, then this reddish-brown curly wig which just screams diva is perfect.

reddish brown wig

2.4 Burgundy Wigs

If don't like the bright color for you, like red, then burgundy color could be just the color you're looking for. Burgundy wigs are fantastic against dark skin and there is no way to go wrong with them. The burgundy wig is a great way to ease into the world of colored wigs. You’ll turn heads for looking so stunning in a burgundy wig, that’s for sure.

burgundy wig

2.5 Blonde wigs

Blonde is an especially attractive hair color for warm skin tones. If you’ve been itching to go blonde, this is the shade you should try.

blonde wigf

2.6 Yellow Color Wigs

Yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness and we can always use a bit more of both in life and our hair. This wig is fun and unique but the blunt cut, length, and ash brown roots prevent it from looking tacky or like a costume. Instead, it comes across as cutting-edge and fashion-forward.

yellow wig

2.7 Orange Ginger Wigs

Ginger orange is full of movement and energy. Ginger orange is also very classic hair color. Adding orange tones to the original ginger yellow makes it more playful and vivid. Ginger orange looks like a gorgeous sunset, bringing infinite elegance and romance.

orange ginger wigs


Black skin can be paired with any color wig and will look amazing. Black and brown are commonly used colors for women because they match their natural hair color, and the black and brown color wigs are visually harmonious and elegant. But colorful wigs can refresh your look, give you a lively and energetic look, and show your personality and style. colored human hair wig is more and more popular among women now. If you want to showcase a rich and varied personality and fashion that is up-to-date, a colored wig is a good choice.