Red has long been a beloved hair color in the fashion world. For many girls, when we come to red hair color, visions of fiery, bold, show-stopping locks come to mind. The fact of the matter is there are more gorgeous takes on the shade than ever before, such as shades of scarlet, crimson, ruby, and mahogany. Today what we are going to talk about is two hair colors based on the red color, that is, auburn and ginger color. We will introduce the two colors and the differences between them.

Is Auburn Hair Considered Ginger?

There are probably many people who confuse the two colors. They are indeed red wigs, but ginger is not the same as auburn hair color. There is a big difference between the two colors. Ginger is brighter and lighter in color, looking more like a gold color with red undertones, while auburn belongs to the category of darker reds.

What Color Is Ginger Hair?

The tone of ginger color falls somewhere between strawberry-blonde and classic red. A common nickname for all redheads, the tone true to the name has more orange in it than the subtler strawberry-blonde and less red than the middle tone classic red. You will notice that a ginger wig is orange in color, but a little darker than the orange soda. This is a very summery color, you can imagine how dazzling and beautiful it is in the sun.

ginger hair color

What Color Is Auburn Hair?

Auburn hair is the darker side of the red family, often called described as reddish-brown in color or dark ginger. Auburn hair ranges in shades from medium to dark. This color verges on being brown. Luckily, it easily holds enough red to ensure it’s never mousy or bland. The red tones bring vitality and joy to the color that no brown can hold a candle to.

auburn hair color

What Are The Differences Between Ginger And Auburn Hair Colors

As the colors have red undertones, ginger and auburn are warm-toned hair colors. They also have some differences, we will list them

1. Color Tone

Ginger color is brighter and lighter than auburn hair color. Auburn hair looks warmer and gives a more enthusiastic and bold feeling. And ginger color hair gives a more lively and lovely feeling, which can make people look younger.

2. Suitable Skin Tone

Ginger color works better for the girls with both warm and cool undertones, but it also suits dark skin. For African American girls, you will find ginger wigs on dark skin very gorgeous as well. Compared to ginger color, auburn color hair suits almost all skin tones and eye colors. If you think ginger wigs don’t suit your skin tone, you can choose auburn wigs instead.

3. Suitable Season

Ginger color suits all the seasons. With a ginger color wig, no matter whether it is the summer or the autumn season, it will very beautiful for the seasons. It looks like the orange soda in summer and the sunset in autumn. Believe me, it is the colorful wig you should never miss. While an auburn wig is more suitable for the autumn and winter seasons because the tone of the ginger color is warmer, which will wonderful in cold seasons.

Actually, there is no concrete answer to which hair color you should choose. Only if you like, it will be the most perfect color for you. Don’t consider too much, just choose the one you prefer. Be confident and you will be the hottest girl in the summer.

the difference between ginger and auburn color

How To Get Ginger Hair Or Auburn Hair?

If you want to get a wonderful ginger or auburn hair color, then you have to bleach and dye your natural hair. But it is harmful to the natural hair, especially for we African American girls who have coarse natural hair. To get the perfect hair color and hairstyle, getting an auburn or ginger human hair wig is a better choice.

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