Headband wigs, which means wigs with a headband attached, are more and more popular this winter. There are many girls who are wearing headband human hair wigs in recent years. They are a combination of wigs and headbands attached in front, with the hair sewn on a soft wig cap. People also call them half wigs because they start almost halfway from your forehead while your natural hair remains in front.

Now there are many different types and colors of headband wigs on the market, straight, curly, blonde, Burgundy or others. Derika Dashay is one of Nadula’s customers. This time she chose a Burgundy headband wig from us. She has given reviews and shows us different hairstyles of it. Let’s see it together.

Introduce Of The Burgundy headband wigs

“Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. My name is Derika Deshay. I'm going to be reviewing this headband wig that I currently have on my head. I literally just slap this on, so I'm finished show you  pretty much the unboxing of it, and also how I'm going to be able to style this wig.”

“I got the hair from Nadula hair company. I believe they have an Instagram and swells on Facebook. They are pretty much an online store where you can go, where you can shop different types of wigs. With the packaging, of course, this is the human hair headband wig that came straight. I didn't do anything to this wig yet. I just literally put it on top of my head. It is a headband wig. This comes attached to the wig.”

So many Accessories With Burgundy Headband wigs

1. “As you can see in the box that I received tons of different headbands. I'm gonna show you guys. This is probably my favorite one, just because I love the leopard, the cheetah print. This came in the packaging. We had this tropical headband, they gave me as well.”

2. “Then we have this tribal type of print. This is cute and then we have another tropical Hawaii, yeah, Hawaiian type of headband. This one's super cute as well and then we just have this striped headband. That's tan and navy blue. Then this is the other headband that they gave me. That you know can go in your hair like this. So yeah, they gave me tons of headbands with my order. ”

3. “They also gave me this super cute metallic-looking brush. I'm gonna actually open this and see what I'm working with. This is what the brush looks like. Of course, I'm gonna use this. It's coming off with hot pinks, like a pink fuchsia color. I like this brush, so I'm definitely going to be using this. I like this a lot and then last, but not least, they gave us a little bit more. So I did get this little hair, clip, headband. I'm sure they sell these as well. I'm pretty sure you're gonna get this in your packaging. So they gave me a little money, signed clip, they gave me two stocking caps, two cans stocking caps which is definitely gonna come in handy. Because all of those gonna come in handy.”

4. “And then last but not least they gave me a cute little, I don't know it, look gray. That is pretty it's like an iridescent metallic-looking makeup, it's like a little makeup bag, this is cute. Oh my gosh. I already like this. This is cute and it folds up really easily because of the little triangles, this is cute. I like this a lot.”

burgundy headband wig

Style The Burgundy Headband wigs

“Okay now, that's pretty much everything that I got inside my package. Now we are gonna go ahead. I'm thinking about styling the wig with a headband attached. and I'm going to put some layers in it. I'm rather just be cutting. There is a hair shortage going on, well I scratched that. I should say there is a lace shortage going on. For a lot of hairstylists or people that just sell hair in general or even YouTubers. ”

“You know there has been a shortage in lace, that's why a lot of companies and stylists are either going up on their prices or don't even have stock in, like me. Listen your girl been stressed but nonetheless, so that is why these headband wigs are coming. I want to be coming back because back in the day, is kind of how they started half wigs. Some of them had this type. In some of them didn't the ones that you find in the beauty supply store.”

“This isn't synthetic hair. It looks a little synthetic. I'm not gonna lie to you so that's why I'm gonna come on here and try to fix it to my best ability. So you can kind of see and if you're waiting on. ”

Advantages Of Burgundy Headband wigs

“This lace to come back. It is a different alternative for a protective hairstyle and actually way safer. It is way safer than frontals because it's not damaging your edges. You don't have to put anything on your edges. It's literally a glueless wig and my hair is braided back. So that's why I'm not going to be going to read my baby hairs and stuff like that.  We're not pretending. I'm just not going to do that but if you've watched other videos as far as just, you know the whole headband.”

Style The Burgundy headband wigs

“A lot of girls are doing the half. I mean push their African American headband wigs back a little bit.  So their actual hair control which is definitely the option too. And it's actually really cute. But since my hair is already braided I'm not going to take my braids down. Because I got a lot of other stuff to be recording. So I don't want to cut more layers throughout the way.”

“This wig is 24 inches. This is how long the headband half wig g is. This color is pretty. Though I am five one. I'm gonna chop this big up. They say don't be afraid to cut especially when you're doing layers. This is what the back looks like.  This part looks good. These curls are bouncy. Okay, I'm about to go ahead and calm these out. Let me stand up so you can really just see. I'm really proud of it. I don't do curls and this looks immaculate baby immaculate white.”

“I think me putting the layers in here really helped. But the curls are just like they're the bomb. This is ridiculous. I don't mind the length but it's like the little winter looking headbands. I have other colors but I'm wearing this hoodie. so I'm just gonna throw this black one on. This hair is red, so I'm going to show y'all what I was talking about.”

“We're going to use the ponytail. This is cute. That's pretty much.  I'm gonna just wrap this on up into a van and call it a day.

I hope you guys learned something. If you guys do want to check out where I got this wig from. All the information will be down in the description box below. I'll try to link some coupon codes for you as well. Don't forget to shop with them for the holidays.”

Reviews Of Burgundy Headband wigs

“It's really good hair. Y'all can see how the curls hold even after combing it out a bomb. I definitely give this a 10 for the quality for sure. That's pretty much all I have to say about this Burgundy headband human hair wigs. I'll see you guys next time. Bye.”