Hd lace frontal is a kind of new type lace material that is more light, soft and delicate and looks more transparent than normal lace, which can melt into our skin more perfectly, which makes the hairline more invisible. HD lace frontals and HD lace frontal with bundles have attracted much attention and love since they went on sale.

Some web celebrities have tried HD lace frontal with bundles, like Pessiexo. She has bought Nadula straight 13x4 Inch Hd lace frontal with 4 bundles. Let’s see what did she say about it:

HD Lace Frontals With Bundles Reviews-By Pessiexo

“Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel. I think I might put a little clip of how the hair looks like before I even made it into a wig. This is Nadula hair. I love Nadula hair as you know. I usually have always good things to say about their hair. So I'm going to talk to you guys a little bit about this hair. But before we get into the video, don't forget to like this video and of course, subscribe to my channel If you have questions, comment below and I'll definitely get back to you.”

 “So let's get into it. This is Nadula straight hair and I asked for HD lace frontals. I believe this is HD lace, But it honestly looks like transparent lace, just a quick little thing about the hair. I've been wearing this HD transparent lace closure for a good month. I decided that I needed to start wearing the hair a little bit longer. ”

“I would know more about the hair before I make reviews about it. The lace frontal itself not shedding. As you can see and I plucked it. So it's been about a month and lace is still good the actual laces. So I'm just going to talk about the cons, real quick and then we'll talk about the pros, the cons about this hair are the frizzing.”

lace frontal with bundles

“But I think the only reason why my hair was frizzing was that I wasn't styling it perfectly like I did today for the video. I would do my little curls with my straightener that I usually do and sometimes. I'll just wear the hair however it came, but that's like my only con. I think I didn't add any oils into this HD lace frontal with bundles hair, didn't add anything literally. No heat, protectant nothing. I usually add heat protectant literally just ran my hair, straightener through it and it's just the phrasing. ”

 “I want my hair to just look perfect. I know a lot of y'all are probably not trying to be super high maintenance with your hair. You're trying to put your wig on and you spent all this money you want your hair to look good, you want it to last it is pretty long though.”

                                     Is Nadula Hair Worth The Hype?

“It has a lot of body, look at how it flows. The hair flows, the hair is beautiful, look at it. It's very shiny nothing at all. No products in this hair and it has all this body, all this movement. So this is amazing. I am obsessed with it, looks super natural. The Hd lace frontal with bundles will look very very real. Okay, like this is the scalp. it's giving very much. The pros about this hair are it has a lot of body, it has a lot of shine. The HD lace frontals look very natural, the hair will look very natural. "

hd lace frontal wig

The bundles are going to be enough. You only need about three bundles, and the HD lace closure frontal for it to look very full and voluptuous. Even when you make it into an HD lace frontal wig or HD lace closure wig, it's not heavy on your head. I mean I could go on and on about all the things that I love about this company's hair. The body, the shine, and the fact that it'll last for a really long time. You're not Spending six, seven hundred dollars on hair, it is a huge plus. But you will have to deal with a little bit of frizz and flyways. That's the two main things that I'm concerned about.

5x5 hd lace wig

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