You will be familiar with HD transparent lace wig if you always wear wigs. It is a new kind of lace wig that is made of HD lace frontal, more breathable, light, and similar to the scalp. HD lace front wigs have been welcomed and praised by consumers since they went on sale. Doll Face lyric on youtube, who has tried this product and has shared her real reviews to baby dolls. Let’s see what did she said:

Unboxing Review of The HD lace Wig

“Hey, my baby dolls! Welcome back to another video. Today I will be reviewing Nadula Hair. I'm going to show you guys what the hair looks like straight out of the package. You will get a wig cap inside of your box and this is the hair straight out of the package. I have not touched it, I have not plucked it or anything. This is their straight unit 13 by 4 HD lace wig as you guys can see. This is a little bit already slightly pre-plucked for you too as well which is great, and it comes with pre-baby hair. So I'm excited about trying on this unit. The lace looks good already.”

“I'm showing you guys what the hair looked like straight out of the package like this because I am going to go ahead and bleach the knots off camera. So I wanted to show you guys what it looks like right out and what you guys would be expecting if you do order this unit. They do give you an adjustable band if you want to add this to the unit. I actually like these because it makes your wigs lay down flat and comfortable.”

“I would suggest using this. So try it out if you haven't. This is a 13X4 lace and that's a lot of lace you do get an adjustable band, and you do get a piece of lace in the back too as well, comb in the back. You get two combs on the side of the HD lace front wig. So far straight out the package is very silky super soft. I can run my hands through it. You know so very very good in quality.This is what the lace look before. I go ahead and bleach my knots.”

“I love the fact that it's already pre-plucked for me which is great and it comes with pre-baby hairs as you can see. I'm going to go ahead and bleach the knots off-camera and then come back to you and install this 13x4 lace front wig and style it on. So you guys can see how this wig looks like on my head.

Install The HD lace frontal wig

“Now it's time for me to install this HD lace closure wig. I'm going to go ahead and put her on. I went ahead and bleached the knots so as you guys can see it looks a little bit more like the scalp. Now I'm going to install it. I have not plucked it. This is how it looks natural, without being plucked. This is pre-plucked all ready for you. So if I do want to go in and do some plucking, if I see something that needs to be plucked then you guys will see me pluck this unit. But for now, I'm not going to pluck it until I put it on my head.”

1. Cut The Extra Lace

I'm going to go ahead and cut this lace off the unit. You guys are going to be seeing me glue my wig down with this extra hold. I got the one that has unscented. They just came out with this new one that's unscented. I like it, it's not too harsh and

Smell. This is what I'm using to install, this is the only thing I'm using this. So this is what I'm using check it out if you have. It's really good. I'm going to go ahead and cut the lace off and then you guys can watch me while I install. I had already put in my foundation in my cap. I did the stocking cap method. So I am going to plug a little bit more as you guys can see. But it looks so good.

2. Adjust the Straps & Pluck HD transparent lace wig

 I'm just going to show you guys what it looks like. As you can see that I did use my adjustable straps in the back to tighten the wig too as well. It's very comfortable and snug. I'm going to pluck it on my head after I'm done gluing it down. Okay, so to make this comfortable, taking off the extra lace. We don't need that, we want our ears to show. It's very uncomfortable to have that extra lace covering your ear. What I like to do is just flatten it once the lace is down.

hd lace front wig nadula

3. Flat The HD lace front wig

I'm just going to go in and flatten this area to make sure that you know. And then I'm going to go in and start plugging. I'm using this keratin smoothing oil. I love this right here. It gives its gloss and shine and everything that it needs. Do you guys see this lace? You guys probably see a little white around here, but I'm going to fix that. That's just the glue. I don't know if you guys can see it, but I can. So I'm just excited like this lace looks so good. I'm using a little bit of my bb mousse and I'm laying this in the front.

4. Do Middle Part Of The HD lace front wig

“I'm going to do a middle part and I'm going to use the oil I was talking about. And we're going to do a middle part. I'm going to put down some powder in my part just to make it look even more like a part you know. Looks so good. Look at this, yes yes yes! OK. I'm gonna do few baby hairs.

5. Do Baby Hairs Of The HD lace wig

“I can just leave it like this. This hair is naturally flat, I didn't even really lay down the top part of my hair. I did my hairline but not the top part, and it's so flat, not bulky. I hate a bulky wig. so I'm going to run my flat irons through this a little bit, and then we should be done. I'm going to give you guys my final thoughts on this unit.”

nadula straight hd transparent wig

 Final reviews of The 13X4 HD lace frontal wig

“Look how fine this hair is! I have nothing but great things to say. You guys know I haven't done a wig review in a very long time and every week review I've done. I am 100 honest no matter if this is a promo-sponsored video or anything. I'm going to let you guys know the truth. This hair is so good when I say it's bomb-like. It's so soft, I cannot stop running my hands through it."

"It's so good, it doesn't shed. I'm not getting any shedding as I did say. The only shedding that I did get is from me plucking my knots and that's normal. You're gonna get some shedding from you plucking like, that's normal. I love the hair, I have nothing bad to say about it. Everything will be down below the direct link to this unit if you guys love what you see. Then make sure you comment down below if you have any questions that I didn't answer in this video that you guys would like to know. And I'll get back to y'all comment. If this is your first time watching, subscribe so you can be a part of the babydoll family. I love you baby dolls. And I'll see baby dolls in my next video. Bye!!"

13x4 body wave lace front wig


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