Brown wigs look chic and add a touch of elegance to your personality. They have a timeless appeal and never go out of style. You can wear them in any color and clothing style and you will look good. You just have to choose the right kind of wig that goes well with your face cut, physique, and the dress you intend to wear. Let us take a look at different styles of brown wigs and their price range below;

Short brown wig:

Short brown wigs are very popular among both genders. They come in a variety of styles and shades. They blend well with most types of face cuts and that is why they are so popular. You can buy a real human hair wig in the range of US$45-125, depending upon the hair quality and style.

short brown wig

Long brown wig:

Who doesn’t like long luxurious locks falling on your shoulders and beyond? They give you a commanding presence that leaves others in awe. You can get them starting from US$50going up to US$165 and even beyond.

Light brown wig:

A light brown wig is popular among girls with light brown eyes. Matching your eye color with your wig is a popular fashion fad. They also pair well with dark-colored clothing and look great in winter. You can get them in the range of US$60-125, depending upon the length and style of the wig.

light brown wig

Dark brown wig:

Stand out in the crowd with a dark brown-hued wig. Not anyone likes to wear dark-colored wigs. You will make a bold fashion statement with that. The price range starts from US$60 to goes up to US$100.

red brown wig

Short brown curly wig:

Curls look sassy and they are always in vogue. So why not wear them in a short brown wig? Curls are especially popular among young girls who feel confident and mature wearing curls. You can buy a short brown curly wig in the range of US$70 to US$125. Not a high price to pay for fashion.

short curly brown wig

Brown wig with bangs:

Bangs add a touch of class to your personality. You can wear them to a business meeting or on a night out with friends. Bangs are versatile and you can carry them anywhere. They are available in the range of US$58-163.

long brown wig with bangs

Brown bob wig:

Bob gives you an aura of chic, funky look without going over the top. You can be a college girl or a corporate executive with a bob. Even older women are wearing it and they look equally good at it. You can buy a brown bob wig for US$48 up to US$165 mostly.

Brown ponytail wig:

Anyone who thinks that ponytails are only for young girls is seriously mistaken. Young women can and should wear a ponytail. They give a fun element to your personality and you would love carrying them around. You can buy them in a range of US$80-US$120.

Long brown wig with bangs:

Impress others with your long tresses and fall in love with your femininity once again. Long hairs are not everyone’s favorite. Many consider them problematic. But it is okay to wear them once in a while in not more. You can buy a long brown wig with bangs in the range of US$65 to US$185 apiece.

Long light brown wig:

Experiment with colors and try a light brown shade for a long brown wig. They will not make a very imposing look. You will register your presence without making it all too obvious. You can wave your long light brown wig by buying it in the range of US$65-185.

Long dark brown wig:

Dark brown flowing locks will make you an envy of the crowd. You can pair them well with light-colored clothing or if you want to create a unique look you can wear them with dark-colored clothes too. Either way, you will be a head-turner. You can get it in the range of US$75-195.

Brown wig with blonde highlights:

A little mix and match won’t hurt anyone, right? A dash of golden with your brown wig would look just fine. The blonde highlights will brighten up the understated personality of your brown wig. It would look super cool as well. You can buy it from as low as US$87 and going up to US$106.

Long brown hair wig:

Long wigs are making a comeback of sorts. Women have realized that long hair enhances their appeal and many women say they feel more confident with long locks flowing over their back. You can be among those women too. Get a hold of a long brown wig in the range of US$80-135.

long brown wig

Brown blonde wig:

When you want to have the best of both worlds, you go for a brown blond wig. Both these colors blend well with each other and bring out the best in themselves. You can have a go with this dual-toned wig. It will look hip with a touch of measured class. Try it in the range of US$85-114.

Short dark brown wig:

When you want to create a definitive look, yet you want to keep it subtle as well, you should experiment with a short dark brown wig. You will be noticeable without giving too much air about yourself. You can have it in the range of US$53-123. 


So, this was all about different types of brown wigs, their different styles, and their price range. We hope this article will help you select one to suit your personality, mood, and occasion. There is a wide variety to choose from and the above are some of the types that are more in vogue. Happy styling with your favorite wig.