Many people think that they can’t put on a wig when they have long hair. But wigs are great because they let you try many colors and styles on your head Also since there're many types of wigs available at Nadula, you can change your looks based on your moods.

Suppose your locks are long, you might be wondering how to put on a wig and hide the hair underneath. If that describes your situation, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have shared two methods that you can use to wear a wig if you have long hair and step up in style.

Maybe you're wondering whether it's okay to put on a wig cap under your wig. You should understand that wig caps are okay because they take care of your hair and ensure that you feel comfortable when wearing a wig.

Now that you want to learn how to hide long hair under a wig, let’s get started and show you the steps you need to follow.

Putting on a wig with long hair

Method 1: The Plait Method

1. Clean and Brush Hair

While it's alright to put on your wig for a long period, it can make your hair dry and less attractive. To avoid that from happening, before putting on a wig, wash your hair thoroughly and only apply recommended hair products.

Suppose you have a human hair wig, you might want to treat your hair to a deep-conditioning hair mask, but this is optional. By doing this, you'll moisturize your locks and get them ready for wigs.

Brushing your hair helps remove any available locks or tangles. Synthetic wigs are hard to untangle, so you need to wash them first. While doing this, you need to use synthetic hair products to treat your wig.

Clean and brush

2. Braid Your Hair

You need to braid your hair because it will help you when putting on a wig and hiding long hair underneath. As you try to braid your hair, you need to divide them into two sections. You might be aware that classic braids work perfectly, but you might also want to try a French plait.

Those with thick hair should try to divide them into four parts, instead of so that you have an easy time braiding them. As you braid your hair, you need to begin at the nape of the neck and work your way to the other side. You should do this because, at the end, you'll wrap the braids under your scalp.

braid your hair

3. Wrap The Braids

Next, the braids should be wrapped around your head and secured around the crown of your head. As you do this, be careful not to lace the braids too close to your hairline because they might be visible once you wear the wig.

After seeing that the braids are perfect, use a bobby pin to keep them in one position.

4. Put on The Wig Cap

It’s vital to choose a wig cap that’s suitable for your hair. Once you have the cap, put it over your head. We had seen that the cap will protect your hair from possible damage. Aside from that, the cap will keep your hair perfectly hidden under the wig.

Before you move to the next step, check to ascertain that the edge of the cap is aligned with your airline. Also, you don’t want to leave out any loose strands of hair. Sideburns and baby hair should be tacked in the cap so that they don’t remain visible.

Some people also prefer leaving some strands of air out. They do this to look more natural by blending the wig with their hair. It's okay to do this if you feel quite experimental.

wrap your hair before wear a wig

5. Put on The Wig

Are you okay with the way that wig cap sits on your head? If so, then it’s time to pick up your beautiful wig and put it on. When wearing the wig, you need to ensure that it perfectly blends with your natural hairline so that no one notices that you're wearing a wig.

It's okay to use bobby pins, but you should ensure that they match the color of the wig you're wearing. A wig tape is also recommendable when you intend to secure the wig further.

Method 2: The Ponytail Method

1. Clean and Brush Your Hair

Just as we have seen up there, before wearing a wig, you need to clean and brush your hair thoroughly. This is helpful when you intend to keep the wig on for a long time. You should consider wig care products that match the wig you intend to wear.

2. Tie Your Hair into a Ponytail

The next step is to take your natural hair and then tie it into a slow ponytail. Be sure to do a great job because you're going to hide the hair. Once you've tied the ponytail, you should move it over your head. The end of the hair should touch your forehead.

ponytail method

3. Put on Your Wig Cap

You should know how best to put on a wig cap. You have long hair and you need to keep it as smooth as possible. Pick the cap and stretch it well over the ponytail so that it remains covered.

At this stage, the base of the ponytail should serve as the anchor while you stretch and pull the cap over it so that the mesh is right over your face. Now, you want to slide back the front side of the cap so that the mesh covers the remaining parts of your hair.

Massage your hair so that it's evenly covered below the wig cap. This is to prevent your hair from being lumpy.

4. Put on Your Wig

Now you need to put on your wig. Pick it up, turn it upside down and let your face go in first. From there, pull back the remaining parts of the wig. There's a flap that you need to pull to the base of the wig as you wear it. By doing this, you can easily secure the wig at the back of the forehead.

5. Adjust and Secure the Wig

You should adjust the wig to ensure that the natural hair is hidden under the wig. Only a little of your natural hair should be visible, but this is not mandatory. It's vital to do this to keep your wig looking natural. The final step is to use bobby pins to secure your wig in position.

How to hide long hair under a short wig?

If you have long hair and short wigs, you can still use either of the methods above on how to hide long thick hair under a short wig to ensure that you look natural and beautiful.  Regardless of the method, you choose to use, make sure that you clean your hair ahead of time. The ponytail method works great because it involves tying your hair.

This time, you should keep the ponytail as low as possible since you have a short wig. Also, while you need to hide all your natural hair, you can leave out some strands so that your hair looks as natural as possible.

You might need a lot of work, but if you follow any of the steps above, you can easily hide your long hair under a short wig.

To prevent your hair from damage, especially if you intend to wear the wig for a long time, you need to clean, brush and treat your hair with the right products. But you can do a slight cleaning and brushing if you only want to wear the wig within twelve hours of the day.

honey blonde brown wig


We hope this piece helps you learn how to hide long hair under a wig. Note that you need to take good care of your hair because putting on the wig for a long time might reduce the quality of your hair. You need to tie the ponytail and keep it at a low level, especially when you have a short wig.

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