The wig is fashion! The natural looking wigs can make girls look more charming and fierce when they need a change at a certain time. And a great lace wig can give you confidence in a minute.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to put on a wig and that is a big question! When your wig isn't looking right, it'll throw off your entire look and there you are, looking terrible.

Now we will share with you how to put on a human hair wig the right way.

How To Wear A Wig?

As we know, there are many wig types on the market, like lace front wig, full lace wig, synthetic wig or ear wig, here we take lace front wig as an example- how to wear lace front wig?

1.Skin test first

Before we put on the lace frontal wig, we need to make a skin test. Because we need to apply the glue to the skin. A skin test is going to determine if you have an allergy to the chemicals used in the glue or adhesive tape that'll keep the wig on your head.

To do this, you will want to dab a small amount of the adhesive glue onto the back of your hand. Then keep an eye on it for a full 24 hours.

You will want to look for any redness or irritation. If your skin is unaffected, you can safely put on your human hair lace front wig. If you do experience some redness, you will want to opt for hypoallergenic tape or glue.

2. Flatten Your Hair

Next, you are going to want to flatten your hair. This is when a wig cap is going to come in handy - especially if you have long hair! But if you have short hair, you can skip this entire step completely.

Before you put on a lace front wig cap, you will need to do a few things: First, you need to braid your hair into cornrows, then flatten hair to your head by using hairspray, gel or bobby pins. If your hair is too long, you can gather hair into a low ponytail and put it into a flat bun.

All of your hair must be contained. You don't want any loose strands poking out. Also, make sure the silk wig cap is covering your hairline!

3. Clean The Skin

This is an important step before you put on a wig with baby hairs. After your hair is flattened (either by a cap or hair products), you will want to use a gentle cleanser on the skin around your hairline. After blotting the skin dry, you will then want to use a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and wipe along the hairline to remove any excess oils.

Note: If you have sensitive skin, you can apply a serum that will protect your scalp.

4. Put On Your Wig

After your hair and skin have been prepped, you need to do a test-fitting to make sure your lace front wig with edges is going to fit properly.

To do this, you are going to line the wig up with your natural hairline. You can adjust the wig. This is when you will want to adjust any tightening lace front wig tape the wig may have.

You will want to contact the wig company for help if your wig doesn't have straps and your experience: Tightness around your scalp where the wig rests and trim the unnecessary lace.

First. when you've adjusted the wig to fit your head, you need to trim the lace. You can do this easily by pinning back the hair of the wig so that you have easy access to the lace.

Next, take sharp scissors or pinking shears to trim the lace so that only 1/8 of an inch is left. You'll only have to do this the first time you're putting on a new wig.

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5. Applying the glue

When you're learning how to put on a wig properly, you're going to have a little bit of trouble with the glue application.

Using Wig Tape:

First to cut 8 to 10 pieces of tape, line the tape up to your hairline and press the adhesive to your skin and make sure there aren't any gaps between the tape segments. Then use a mirror to create an even hairline and remove the backing of the tape.

Using Glue:

First to use a clean brush to apply adhesive in a thin line along your hairline. There are two types of wig glue you can use. If you have a soft bond adhesive, you'll need to wait a few minutes for the glue to get tacky before putting the wig on.If you are using a hard bond glue, you can put the wig on immediately.

6. Put the Wig On

With the adhesive in place, you will want to carefully put the wig back on. Carefully, adjust the edge of the affordable human hair wig so the hair of the wig falls naturally on your head and is even with your natural hairline.

Once the wig is perfectly into position, you'll want to press the lace into the adhesive. It's important that you only do this once you are satisfied with the wig placement because the tape or glue is going to be difficult to remove otherwise.

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7. Style The Wig

Now that your wig is in place, it's on to the fun part: styling your wig!

Because the wig we are talking about is real hair wig, we can use the same tools and products as you would on your natural hair. You can curl, straighten it in the right way. And the daily wig care is necessary. You can wash it with warm water every week. If you do not use it for a long time, you can put it on the model head and cover it with a plastic bag.

Follow these steps you can put on your hair wig quickly. Please leave your reviews if you have any good advice about how to wear a wig.


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