Customers have asked me a question before: How Do I Keep A Body wave bundles weave Wavy??? Before discussing this question, let's learn something about human hair. There are so many human hair products with different textures selling online. More and more people buy from the online shop because of the quick delivery and good service. Individuals who come from America tend to buy human hair weaves from the human hair shop - Nadula Mall. 

You will read In this post:

1. What Is Body Wave Hair?

2. What Does A Body Wave Perm Look Like?

3. Pros of Body Wavy Hair

4. How To Keep Body Wave Hair Wavy?

5. FAQ Of Body Wave Hair

What is a body wave for hair?

The Body wave is a loose curl that comes in a wave pattern and sells well online. Body Waves gives your hair a natural pattern to create a soft and natural-looking wave. It changes the texture of your hair in a long-lasting way and frees you from daily hair styling. And the cost of maintenance is also not very high.

Brazilian body wave bundles with closure

What does a body wave perm look like?

Body wave perm features the loose curls that you form on your hair to make it wavy rather than curly. In this case, we use the larger rollers during the perming process. You will develop soft and loose waves. This style is durable, but the waves will be tighter and more developed within the first weeks. See the Body wave hair bundles below: 

Pros of Body Wavy Hair:

As you can see, there are many pros to having body wavy hair: 

1. Wavy hair boasts a natural beachy wave, the same beachy wave so many people are trying to achieve with styling products. Life is literally a beach when you have naturally wavy hair, so wear it proudly.

2. Wavy hair looks youthful. There's something about wavy hair that makes it look effortless and carefree. Something about the thick texture and volume, the slight wildness, especially when worn naturally.

3. It's easy to style. People with naturally wavy hair don't need to go to great lengths to get stick-straight locks, a flirty curl, or a beachy wave. Wavy hair goes with the flow... and stays there with more holding power.

Many people usually complain that their hair can't keep wavy or curly after they wash it. As a matter of fact, almost all people have the same question based on human hair's characteristics. It depends on how you take care of it. Now Nadula Hair will tell you how to keep your body wave human hair wavy or curly human hair.

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How To Keep Body Wave Hair Wavy?

1. Please don't worry that your hair has become straight or very loose after you wash it. First, Dye the hair with a clean towel but not use the electric dryer, remember don't dry very strongly, because the hair cuticle is open when the hair is wet, it is easy to break the hair when dry strongly. Then let it dry naturally in the air until there is no water drop down, but not dry completely, put some hair care oil on your palm and knead it on your hair.

2. After this process, comb the hair and with your fingers and go through your hair from end to top. Not too much hair oil is needed, you need more natural on the top, just smear it on your hair evenly. And the wave and the curl are usually needed to be kept better and better from top and end, the wavy and the curly will be more beautiful. You can also roll the hair evenly with your hand during the time when you smear the hair.

3. The next step is to finalize the pattern. You should prepare a good quality mousse because it is very useful for hair styling. Smear the mousse evenly on your body wave or curly hair and roll the hair following the curve at the same time. There is no need for much mousse because it is easy to attract dust.

4. Last, let your beautiful hair dry completely in the air. Please remember you can't use the wind to blow the hair divergent, so this is very important for you to just use a hair blow with a wavy or curly dryer. This one could be dry and fix the wavy and curly very well.

5. And don't forget to deep maintain the hair every 2 weeks. This is to give nutrition to the hair to keep it well, and not easy to feel dry. Then we will not have problems with tangle and shedding.

This method can be suitable for Brazilian body wave weave, Peruvian body wave bundles, or Indian body wave hair, etc. So easy to keep your wavy hair wavy.Right?

FAQ Of Body Wave Hair

1. How long does a body wave perm last?

Generally, perms tend to last about six months, and they're roughly as bad for your hair as coloring it would be. Unlike hair color, though, a perm won't wash out and can't be chemically reversed. A perm always has to grow out, but thankfully, they typically grow out to natural-looking waves.

2. How much does a body wave perm cost?

On average, the Body Wave Perm costs anywhere from $50 to $200.

3. What Kind Of Body wave hair weave is recommended by customers?

Brazilian body wave extensions are a popular choice for this style because it requires very little effort to maintain this look. Brazilian hair is a favorite among celebrities because of its lustrous shine and manageability. Like most high-end bundles, Brazilian hair does not matte or tangle.