As we know, compared to the black wig, the colored wig will be more charming. What’s the best color for women? For many girls, the blonde color is their first choice. This color will greatly change one’s look due to the amazing contrast. So there’s no wonder why so many celebrities are rocking the blonde color. 

But if you dye our wig into this beautiful color will damage our hair. So there are so many black girls who are trying a natural blonde wig or blonde bob wig human hair when they want to have a short bob cut wig. Blonde wigs will also suit for you to brighten the color of your skin. And there is another reason why you choose blonde bob wigs: a variety of different colors! For example blonde ombre bob wig, blonde bob wig with dark roots, blonde highlight wig, light blonde wig, platinum blonde bob wig, ash, gold, honey, and so on. You can get anyone you like from online shops.

Here we will introduce some different types of blonde bob wigs for you. This will help you to get the right blonde wig: Which Shade of Blonde Bob Wig will best suit you?

Which Shade of Blonde Bob Wig Will Best Suit You?

1. platinum blonde bob wig

The platinum blonde bob wig is a light blonde wig which also can be called a white blonde wig. Now more and more black girls are trying this color. This color needs high-quality raw hair because it needs to be bleached first. And then color it the platinum blonde. If the hair is not virgin hair, it will not show the best gloss. Here we are recommending you this platinum blonde bob wig which is hot-selling this year.

platinum blonde bob wig

2. blonde bob wig with dark roots

The blonde bob wig with dark roots is a kind of blonde ombre bob wig. The color of the hair roots is natural black. Because it is the same with our colored natural hair after we colored it, so this blonde bob wig is more and more popular now. It allows anyone to experiment with any hair color they want without it looking too unnatural especially for those who wear wigs. For example, someone who has black hair wouldn’t want to just plop a dark rooted blonde wig on and call it a day, instead, they would go for a blonde human hair wig with dark roots that had about one to two inches of black or brunette roots so that the wig could blend more naturally with their actual hair color. See the best blonde bob wig with dark roots below:

blonde bob wig with dark roots

3. blonde highlight wig bob

If you are looking for fresh and modern in a highlighted blonde wig, here will be your right place. The blonde highlight bob hare is our new arrival which is made of top-quality virgin Brazilian bob wig. The thin blonde highlights not only offer the hair a more subtle and natural look but also add depth to brighten up the whole look. This glam and elegant style with the blonde gives a most flattering look. So shop now to find highlighted bob wigs in the shades and styles you’ve been searching for!

blonde highlight wig bob


Contrary to belief, there’s a blonde to suit everyone, no matter your natural hue. Whether it be a tone of blonde highlights or baby lights, ombre, or a super ashy blonde silver blonde, this coming new year seems to be the hottest time to make it happen! To find which color is best for you, find out whether your skin is warm or cool toned-this will decide which blonde tones work best for you. 

Take into account the depth of your eye color- how much contrast do you want? It is very important to think about the maintenance all-over platinum blondes need regular trips to your stylist, whereas the ombre colors are far more low maintenance. So, making the decision to go blonde is a big one, but picking which blonde hair color to opt for is even harder.

With the different shades of blonde wigs which we have introduced for you, we think that it will be not difficult to choose a proper blonde bob wig with human hair for yourself. Besides these, you can also consider a blonde bob wig with a bang, a blonde wavy bob wig, or others from Because most of the natural blonde wig is made of lace, so you can choose the blonde bob lace wig, like a blonde bob lace front wig. It is the leading product and also the most hot-selling product now. I hope you have a good day of shopping!  Click here to know: Where to buy cheap short blonde wigs?