Jai Marii is a fashionable girl who lives in the United States. Recently, she has bought a short bob wig from nadula.com for $90. This is a black bob wig that is made of virgin Remy human hair. Let’s take a look at her reviews of the wig on youtube.

Hey, I am back with a super chic bob wig from Nadula hair. If you are interested in this wig, just keep on watching. This lace frontal bob wig was sent to me by Nadula hair and I'm just gonna quickly give you a nice little tutorial. 

Lace Frontal Bob Wig Introduce

This is their 13x4 lace frontal bob wig, it's 150% density, 12 inches. I've already bleached the knots on this black bob wig I'm just showing you the hairline. I'm gonna be sharing with you about how I do my bob wigs, how I install them, or what products I use, techniques, and things.

lace bob wig

Pluck The Lace Bob Wig

Starting with how I'm plucking the lace. This was the last time. I plucked the lace like this, removing the baby hairs in the front and

then plucking the lace, like starting in the back of the baby hairs. I've been plucking the lace. I've been using my wax stick. I've just been taking my tweezers and I've been plucking my lace bob wig. 

Take Out Baby Hair Of The Lace Frontal Bob Wig

You know taking out the baby hair or anything like that because I wasn't loving how like my straight bob wig was coming out as far as the hairline goes. I just kept plucking and plucking. But I wasn't seeing much change, and this is the reason why I love doing bob wigs and tutorials.

Make The Lace Frontal Bob Wig Lay Down Nice

 I'll be making you saw me pluck the middle part, just to widen it up which really makes a difference in my opinion. and here I'm just doing what I have been doing using that wax stick to really mold the hair and get it to lay down nice and flat. I typically do it a little bit heavier on one side of the bob lace front wig, it just depends on how it dries. So just showing you a comparison of the pre-plucked and what's not plucked. Then getting right into how I'm gonna install this bob lace wig.

Fast Install The Lace Bob Wig

I can't remember if I'm just using powder. I just purchased two new lace tints. This is Swiss brown lace. I definitely prefer transparent lace or HD lace wig. but this bob lace wig is comfortable, I had no problems with it. 

Just starting on the baby hair. This is how I've been doing my baby hair lately. I'm trying my best to get away from that. I typically make my baby hair a lot shorter than this. They are pretty long and the shorter you go, the more natural the short bob wig looks.

This is a very simple bob wig, very chic, so you want the rest of the frontal bob wig to look. Just as chic and just as simple. You don't need to do super exaggerated baby hair on a straight wig bob. Just my opinion again, but of course, do as you please.

I've kind of been wanting just to switch up how I wear my hair underneath as far. actually not wear my lace front bob wig. The cap that I use is a brown wig cap underneath. Because I felt like that was giving me a more natural look. I got a lot of you noticing that my wig start to look a little bit more natural.

That's not the color of my actual scalp, my scalp is lighter than this. so for the next couple weeks I'm gonna just be switching things, it called my lace in the front by my baby hair to be darker. Because I do wear bronzer and that blends very well. But on this particular day, I didn't really put much bronzer on. I'll let you guys know what I'm doing with each video.

I'll be switching it up with makeup lace tint, all that kind of stuff is the most important part. The most important part of getting your wig to look as natural as possible. I just flat ironed this short bob wig beautiful super soft I love the black bob wig human hair cut on this inch. I think I'm in love with anything that's 10 to 12 inches on me, I think it's the perfect length. 

Price Of This Short Bob Wig

This wig is around $90 or a little less, depending on the inch. I think it's a really great affordable wig. I love Nadula hair as well. And it's going to be a very easy short bob wig for you to maintain. You know just making your life a lot easier. I'm just lifting up my baby hair to make them look a little bit more natural because we don't need baby hair stuck like glue to our foreheads. Then I'm adding some concealer that's lighter than my skin tone which I really think pulled this whole look together, and made it look supernatural.


So that's all the information about this short bob wig. If you have any questions comments, put them down below. Thank you so much for watching. Don't forget to give me a thumbs up and subscribe and I will talk to you in my next video, BYE!

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