Welcome back to my channel. You are going to see me do this lace front closure wigs hairstyle in this video today how to get your hair nice and relaxed, not too poofy, not like this. This is very mature to me because I feel like when I do braids it gives me very much kid advice. But I did it in a very mature way. It makes you look elegant and I really like it. I feel like anybody can wear this lace front closure wig, doesn't matter your age. It is very mature. 

Before we get into this video, I would like to pop up my post notification on the screen. Thank you guys for being the first ones to comment on my last video.Thank you for having your post notifications on.Thank you for supporting me constantly because I know it probably can get boring watching hair videos all the time. I'm going to tell you the giveaway rules in a minute. 

Introduce The Lace Front Closure Wigs

This hair is provided by Nadula hair. This is their 24 inch curly unit. I did over bleach the lace frontal closure wig. I'm gonna show you how I fixed it and it's over bleached all over the wig. But I did go in and I fixed the parts and like the front and everything you guys are going to see the transformation. Let's get right into this video to welcome back to my channel. I'm going to install my wig because I want to go take some pictures.

I previously put this lace front closure wig on and I made a video for it. But I didn't like how it came out so I'm like let me redo it. I actually want to do a half up half down braided style on this wig. So this is their 24-inch curly lace front closure wig. I'm gonna have a coupon code in my description. So you can check that out. 

Curly Lace Front Closure Wigs

Accessories With The Lace Closure Wigs

This wig came with some accessories. This is a hairpin. It did come with this two-sided brush. This edge brush I've been using it for my natural hair and my wigs, that's why it's not in the packaging. It came with this little pouch, it's super cute. I like this. I put some stuff in it, but when it's empty it's very flat. I love the lace frontal closure wig. it's like textured and so this came with the stuff. I believe when you order you get some stuff like this. 

Install the Lace front closure wigs

I'm going to install it. I'll come back to talk to you when I am braiding all right so I think I'm going to put my hair in a low.Because my hair is turning back I need to wash it this weekend. I'm going to put it in a braid at the bottom here. I'm going to put on two wig caps if you watch my channel before, you already know I put two wig caps on to compress my braids.

I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna install my wig off of camera just because every video that I have I'm installing my curly lace closure wig. So if you want to see how inside my wig, just click another hair video and you will see that in detail.

Bleach The Knots On Lace Front Closure Wigs

All right. So clearly as you can see, I slightly over bleached my knot. I made the bleach runny for this one just because I wanted to add a little bit more developer and I added too much. But I'm going to go ahead and do my edges. And I'm still thinking if I should do my braids.

I don't want to dye the roots or anything. I'm gonna go ahead and do my edges as you know I do my edges with hairspray. I just spray on the brush like so and I go ahead and swoop that like this it's a little bit too long. But we ain't getting younger holding on and I can seem to keep composure when upon your neck and lick up on my shoulder. Let me hold.

Do The Edges Of The Curly Lace Front Closure Wigs

I'm all right. I just got done doing well. I'm gonna touch up my edges but this is how I came out I'm gonna stand up my pants are unzipped because my stomach is fat. This is the hair. I'm not poofing it out because I want it to be very relaxed. But I'm just going to fix my edges because I was outside and sure enough the heat made my edges act up.

I'm gonna tie down my edges. I'm just gonna tie it down. I only have six minutes left on my sd card so I'm gonna leave this to set and then I'll come back to show you the true finished results.

Final Look 

 I'm gonna just remove the head wrap and then it's set. I could add a little bit more like right here. But that's perfectly fine this is the result of this look. I hope you guys liked it. I'm just gonna leave this like that. This is really cute. I just did some inside cornrows if you did enjoy this hairstyle.


This is the lace closure wig tutorial for you. Don't forget to like comment and subscribe. Don't forget to visit the Nadula hair. We have all the links down below in my description box. Also, check out chocolate touches for your hair growth oils and your butter to seal your hair to retain.

Thank you to everybody. I truly appreciate y'all so much. Thank you for always supporting me and when you guys start getting your results don't forget to send it to me. Thank you guys so much for watching and I will definitely see you at my next one.