Nothing is more important than an effortless, easy-to-get hairstyle. Even better, this hairstyle can get you from the gym to the office to the city at night. That's why bubble braids, a playful and simple hairstyle, are becoming increasingly popular for all hairstyle types. In this article, I will introduce you to the 10 best bubble braids to try in 2023, so read on!

1. Half up half down bubble braids

Half up half down bubble braids

As far as I am concerned, the half up half down hairstyle is the perfect way to show off your hair, while the half up half down bubble braids will highlight your facial features. You can also use loose curls or subtle waves to create a soft and romantic look, it is ideal for special occasions.

2. Pigtail bubble braids

Pigtail bubble braids

Pigtails and bubble braids are two of the biggest hair trends right now, and combining them together is sure to make a splash. If you have long hair, these little braids look absolutely gorgeous on you. Believe it or not, pigtail bubble braids will be the trend in 2023.

3. High bubble ponytail

High bubble ponytail

High ponytails have always attracted attention, and bubble braids are the perfect way to add a new twist to this popular look. Don't hesitate to use an extension cord to make the braid with extra-long length.

4. Double bubble braids

Double bubble braids

Do you think one strip of bubble braid is too little? Then choose the double bubble braids. In fact, this hairstyle works best with medium and long hair for a more dramatic effect. You can also try parting, but a center part is a complement to this look. It will draw attention to the face and is perfect for those with symmetrical features. Two low bubble braids are also ideal if you want a laid-back and romantic look.

5. French bubble braids

French bubble braids

French braid is one of the chicest and most classic braid styles that can be combined with a variety of other styles. You can start the French braid style trend with a fun and bold bubble braid style, combining it with a French braid on the top half of your head for a more detailed look and contrast. This is a perfect option for anyone who wants to try their hand at bubble braids, making it a little more unique while also adding layers to the look.

6. Boho fishtail bubble braids

Boho fishtail bubble braids

How to combine French braid, fishtail braid, and bubble braid? This style starts with a French braid on each side of the middle section. Pull out something in front of your face. Then start weaving a small fishtail braid bubble, and finally add another elastic, repeat to the end. This oho fishtail bubble braids style is super casual and chic! It looks a lot more complicated than that. It also looks much more complicated than it really is.

7. Coily flat bubble braids

Coily flat bubble braids

Get a stylish boxer braid look with flat bubble braids, this safe style uses alternating elastic colors to keep the braid tight and provide a cute pop of color! This is a great curling style because you can shake up your natural texture without heating up the styling. All you need is a little moisturizer, gel, or curling cream

8. Two sides bubble braids with straight hair

Two sides bubble braids with straight hair

The two sides of the bubble braid hairstyle are one of the simplest and most variable looks to try. It suits ladies who like the y2k aesthetic and is arguably incredibly flattering. You can experiment with different colored rubber bands for a playful and youthful effect.

9. Bubble box braids

Bubble box braids

You can combine bubble braids with other braid styles, including protective hairstyles like box braids. Box braids are made by dividing the hair into squares and forming individual braids that resemble boxes in appearance, hence the name. If you want to take another approach to this style, you can introduce bubble braids.

10. Bubble braids with pink hair

Bubble braids with pink hair

Pink hair is very feminine and is associated with romance, love, and feminine energy. It's also incredibly flattering, with one color for every skin tone, whether you want a pastel pink that's easy to wear or a bold saturated hue that needs attention. The playful feeling of a bubble braid will complement your hair color, creating a young, girly hairstyle.


This cool, super stylish, versatile hairstyle is effortless to achieve and can be created on a variety of textures and hair types. Bubble braids are the latest hair trend that can be worn for any occasion, from celebrating a birthday or anniversary to going shopping. They are popular on the high street and on social media, and today I have gotten ten of the most popular bubble braids of 2023 that will help you have the best time of your life.