The French bob haircut is one of the most timeless and iconic hairstyles ever! The beauty of this hairstyle is that it can be tailored to different face shapes and hair qualities, whether it is smooth and polished, or fluffy and textured. So if you're in the mood for a change and want to try this French bob haircut, here are the tips, tricks, and styling ideas you'll need to make it happen. Keep scrolling below as I introduce you to 10 of the most popular French bob haircut ideas for 2023.

1. Curly French bob haircut

French bob haircut

While the French bob haircut is known for its straight-edged cut, it's not just for straight hair. In fact, the French bob haircut looks glamorous in curly or kinky hair. When your hair is cut short, curls are less likely to break and dry. For kinky and curly hair, it is best to keep the curls moisturized, even for short hair, to maintain the frizzy pattern and make the hair healthier.

2. French bob haircut with baby bangs

French bob haircut

The baby bangs and bob haircut combo is the ultimate French girl hairstyle. The look is chic and truly effortless. You can also add baby bangs to your style, it is a great way to get a sporty fringe without covering your face or forehead too much.

3. French bob with curtain bangs

French bob with curtain bangs

If you don't like right-angle bangs, match your French bob haircut with curtain bangs. This feathery, 70s-inspired tassel adds a touch of simple elegance to your hairstyle and softens your face.

4. Neck-length French bob haircut

Neck-length French bob haircut

The French bob haircut is a classic and iconic hairstyle that can be tailored to most face shapes. Round and wide square faces, however, are sometimes made wider by the length of the neck or jaw. French bobs are great for thin hair because they are known for their lightness and fluffy layers.

5. Textured French bob haircut

Textured French bob haircut

A textured French bob with micro-bangs is a super cute style for a round face. Keep in mind that this is an intense bob style option that looks best for youthful facial features, but if you're looking for bolder, go for it. A French bob haircut with thin hair, preferably against the head, looks the thickest. Simply air dry or blow straight down with a blow dryer and walk around without burning your hair.

6. Layered French bob with side part bangs

Layered French bob with side part bangs

Lift up your length with a layered French bob and add a side-split fringe for a new look. Did you know that cutting your hair shorter will make it look healthier, and if your hair looks better, so will you? The short, layered bob is wonderfully versatile. It can be brushed or pushed away in the direction of the face, and it can be wavy or straight. Another benefit of the French bob haircut is that it is low maintenance and only needs to be cut every 6-7 weeks.

7. Chin-length French bob for square faces

Chin-length French bob for square faces

If you have a square face shape, you should try a chin-length French bob. If you're unsure about your face shape, talk to your stylist. A chin-length bob is just the right length to balance out a square chin line. A bun is also a great addition to soften long, square facial features. A Bob is a beautiful feminine shape that is the perfect transition to long hair.

8. Short French bob with no bangs

Short French bob with no bangs

If you're going for a short bob hairstyle, then a short French bob with no bang is a great hairstyle option. If you are a girl with thick hair, I recommend this style. This is a breezy, light, perfectly sculptural bob that will make styling your hair much easier. Framing your face with subtle layers of curtains will really help your eyes sparkle.

9. Wispy French bob

Wispy French bob

If you're looking for a more modern bob haircut, try a wispy French bob haircut. The lamination works with the fall of your naturally wavy or frizzy hair. If you have a wider forehead, try some thin tassels if you want to give it a narrower look.

10. Razor cut French bob haircut

Razor cut French bob haircut

If you want a cute, dramatic look, you should consider a razor-cut French bob haircut. Show off your wild side by tucking it behind your ear, or covering it up in the office. There are a few styles for thin hair, and the French bob is one of them because of its flat look. Make sure you use a plump product to achieve the thickening effect.


The French bob haircut is unique to each wearer. Your hair type and texture definitely affect appearance, as well as maintenance. French bob haircut heads require more maintenance for trimming and cutting. Depending on how fast your hair is growing, it may need to be trimmed every 6 weeks. To maintain the dull bangs of bob, every other week or every third week is a typical schedule to keep the bangs sharp. Trimming to keep your hair short can be done at home, but consult a stylist if you want it done professionally.