Are you searching for suitable hair color? Are you still thinking that only black hair is suitable for you? As African American girls, we have a deeper skin tone. Maybe some girls are always worried about what color of hair they should have.  

Actually, there are different shades and tones of skin, such as dark brown skin tone, dark olive skin tone, medium-dark skin tone, and so on. Therefore, there is no certain list of hair colors that will suit all African American women.

Today we will show you some hair color ideas which are from celebrities with dark skin tones. We hope they can give you some new inspiration and more confidence to get different colors of hair.

1. Honey Brown

Beyoncé seems to wear this color of wig often. And it is also a very natural color and can match your skin tone perfectly. Honey brown is lighter than the skin tone, which is a good way to light up your skin tone. In a word, this is the color that will look very harmonious with your any outfit and any skin tone. Honey brown also gives others a sense of warmth and is gorgeous. If you are considering changing your hair color, it will never be wrong to get a honey brown wig as your new hairstyle.

2. Black

When we mention what hair color is the best, black always gets many preferences of girls with deep skin tone. Not only Gabrielle Union but also many other celebrities and many girls in daily life wear black color wigs. Generally speaking, you can see black hair on all kinds of occasions. Black really accentuates the skin and makes your complexions look brighter and clearer. Therefore, the black color wig has been the most classic. You can get it without any worry.

3. Black With Brown Highlight

Jennifer Hudsons hair color looks very beautiful and perfect with her. This color combines classic black and brown. Using black as the base color, and highlight helps to add some layers to her hair, which makes the hair get rid of monotony. Especially her hair is styled into wave hair, which can help increase the layering of the hair. It will look more gorgeous under the sunshine. If you prefer long hair with this color, it will also be very gorgeous.

4. Burgundy

While promoting the film Spider-Man: Far From Home in London, Zendaya stepped out with burgundy hair. As a young actor, Zendaya proves that burgundy can work perfectly for young girls. Besides, many celebrities of different ages have worn burgundy color wigs. If you do not like black and brown and think other bright colors are too bold, then burgundy is a good choice. It can create a classy and sophisticated vibe for those wanting an understated yet stylish look.

5. Ashy Blonde

Above we introduced some understated colors for you. From now on, we will add some bright and bold hair colors for those women who want to be unique and outstanding.

Rihannas ashy blonde hair wig looks very gorgeous. Ash-blonde is a cooler shade of smokey blonde hair. The bright hair contrasts with her skin color and lights up her skin, which helps highlight her facial features. If you have never tried a bold hair color and are considering it, I suggest you can try it once. Maybe you will find a new self.

6. Pink

Nicki Minaj is always one of the representatives of confidence and braveness. If you have followed her, you know that she often wear colored hair wig. And they looked very gorgeous on her. We will set two examples in the following.

If you are a pink lover, then you can this color. Nicki Minaj’s pink hair looks very suitable for her pink outfit. Pink definitely is an eye-catching color, which always reminds people of cute and energetic girls, and it wont stop you from being sexy. Color should never be the limitation of pursuing fashion. Only if you like it, you can try it.

7. 613 Blonde

Nicki Minaj has ever tried a blonde hair wig. She showed us blonde hair on dark skin tone will be amazing as well. The long and blonde hair makes her look very gorgeous. The light color lights up her skin. Blonde hair can also be amazing on girls with deep skin.

8. Caramel Brown

In a cold winter, a cup of hot caramel macchiato can make us feel warm and sweet. Warm caramel brown will make you look gentle and graceful. So this winter, it is the color that you should not miss. Ciaras caramel brown hair wig matches her skin wonderfully. Actually, it is a very versatile color so it will be perfect with any skin tone. If you want a color that will not be out of fashion, caramel brown is worth trying.

9. Blue

Blue is a beautiful color. Ciaras blue hair tells us that blue hair is not crazy but amazing. Not only fairy skin but also deep skin girls can also control blue hair. If you think this kind of blue is too light, you can also choose dark blue or making blue as the highlights is also a good choice.

10. Ginger

Cardi B is a famous American singer and also a leader of the fashion trend. She uploaded a video on Instagram before, in which she was wearing ginger hair. Many people comment that they like her hair color.

Ginger gets popular this year. It is like the color of juice and sunset and gives others a feeling of warmth. Without the glare of lemon yellow, but not as dim as earthy yellow, ginger creates a sense of beauty, which makes us feel comfortable and memorable.

11. Red

What do you think of when you see red? It always reminds me of burning flames and gives me a feeling of enthusiasm. So for confident and enthusiastic girls, red hair will definitely make you very unique and hot. Cardi B looks like a queen with a red hair wig. Dont be afraid and try to get a red hair wig! You will be the hottest girl definitely!


Today we show you many hair colors including common and bold colors. You can choose them according to your preferences. What we want to tell you is that you are the most beautiful. If you like a color, just try it. Dont limit yourself to othersminds. Be confident and you are the most gorgeous! We hope this blog can help you to find a proper color of wig for you. If you have some ideas about hair color, please share them with us in the comment section.