Today hair wigs have been widely used, more and more wigs appear in our daily life. According to different occasions, different clothes, and different seasons, we will choose different wigs to achieve our unique fashion style.

There are various wigs for us to choose from on the market, including different textures, different colors, different hairstyles, and different lengths. Then do you know the different wig prices?

As a company focused on providing high-quality wigs, Nadula has been loved and trusted by many customers. In order to make you more intuitively understand the hair wig price of Nadula, we will show you the prices of our wigs according to different categories in this blog.

Wigs by Constructions

Firstly, we divide the hair wigs into 8 kinds according to the construction. From this chart, we can see that the lace front wigs price is a little higher than the price of wigs without lace.

Lace wigs have better comfort. And the more lace the wig has, the more versatile the wigs will be. You can do free-part with lace front wigs. HD lace wigs are the most expensive. Because the comfort of HD lace is the best. In addition, it will extremely transparent, which means no matter what color your skin is, it will match your skin tone perfectly.

Glueless hair wigs have a lower price because they are made of machines. But you will not feel uncomfortable with it. Besides, the U part and V part is the most convenient to install. And you can take them down before you go to bed so that your scalp can be relaxed and breathe. You dont need to spend time cutting lace and worry about glue allergy anymore.

Wigs by Construction

Wigs by Colors

There are 7 different colors for you. #613 lightest blond hair wigs have the highest price among all the colors. The prices of colored hair wigs are relatively higher than natural color hair colors.  

All of the hair products of Nadula are made out of 100% human hair, hair wigs are no exception. Therefore, if you need, you can bleach and dye the natural hair wigs according to your preference only if you condition them carefully during the using process. But you can only dye once for most wigs, and the color can not be changed after that. And if you have to dye them, we suggest asking for a professional salon.

It should be noted that colored hair wigs and #613 lightest hair wigs can not be bleached and dyed again because they have been processed. If you process them again, the hair will be damaged, loss and breakage are both possible problems. If you want your hair wigs to last for a longer time, please remember these important points.

Wigs by Color

Wigs by Textures

Here is a hair wig price list of different textures. The 8 kinds of textures can meet most girls’ expectations of hairstyles.

Wave hair wigs can be divided into body wave wigs, water wave wigs, and deep wave wigs. Body wave wigs are the most popular and most common wigs. You can wear it anytime and anywhere, it is very versatile and classic. Deep wave wigs have more regular waves, while water waves look like the water ripples and look fuller.

Most bob hair wigs are short wigs. Bob wig can make you look very cute and active. In addition, there are different colors and textures of bob wigs for you to choose from. If you like smooth and lustrous hair, straight hair wigs are very suitable for you.

Kinky is a hairstyle that mimics the look and texture of chemically straightened or relaxed natural hair. There are kinky curly wigs and kinky straight wigs for you. 

Wigs by Texture

Wigs by Lace Sizes & Hair Lengthes

Lace size is an important factor to decide a real hair wig price. From the list of prices of wigs, we can see that HD and 13x6 lace are more expensive than the other lace wigs.

We have mentioned above that HD lace is the most comfortable and invisible. Compared with the wig with the same length, color, texture, and construction, the wigs with a bigger lace size have the higher price. With a 13x6 lace wig, you have more space to do free-part and the top part of your head will be more natural.

In addition, the wigs with different hair lengths have different prices. We divide the length of wigs into short, middle, and long lengths. The long hair wig price is the highest. What length to choose is up to you.

Wigs by Lace Size & Hair Length


We show you the natural hair wig price in this post. You can get a general understanding of the wigs of Nadula. Because every kind of wig has different sorts of lengths, colors, and textures. If you want to know the specific price of a wig, you can check it in the pages corresponding to each category name.