Deep wave hair style is a kind of pattern which is close to jerry curly pattern. The direction of the curl is in unison. Its curls are smaller than body wave and loose wave, but bigger than jerry curl. Deep wave hair has smooth waves, looks really luxurious, and will boost your hair. This is the answer to what is deep wave hair. 

As virgin human hair extensions are more and more popular among us, there are more and more hair patterns to satisfy different requests. Deep wave human hair is also without exception. Now, more and more girls are trying deep wave Remy hair, or virgin deep wave hair, such as deep wave hair sew in, Peruvian hair deep wave, deep wave hair with closure or frontal, Indian deep wave virgin hair and etc. 

In talking about this, you will ask, how much does deep wave hair cost? Yes, like quality, price is always one of the topics of our concern. Some people want to get cheap deep wave hair with good quality. Wow, I am wrong. In fact, this is what all of us want. Right? Do not waste your time searching for the answer somewhere. In this post, we will show you all about them and help you to find what you want.

Price of Remy deep wave hair

Generally speaking, the real Remy human hair meaning is the scale of hair runs in the same direction. So it will not easy to tangling. It is welcomed by most customers. Also, it was called the best deep wave hair on the market now. All of the deep wave hair with frontal in Nadula Mall is made of Remy human hair. You can check the different prices of them below.

Price of deep wave hair bundles

  Deep wave hair bundle(1 Bundle):       $45~$102

1 bundle deep wave hair

Deep wave Hair Bundles(3 Bundles):  $75~$196

3 bundles deep wave hair

 Deep wave Hair Bundles(4 Bundles):  $103~$252

4 bundles deep wave hair

 613 deep wave hair (1 Bundle):         $53~

1 bundle blonde deep wave hair

 613 deep wave hair (3 Bundles):       $75~

3 bundles blonde deep wave hair

Price Of deep wave hair with closure

3 bundles Deep wave hair with closure:    $135~$286

3 bundles deep wave hair with closure

 4 bundles Deep wave hair with closure:    $161~$341

4 bundles deep wave hair with closure

You can check the exact price of each category by clicking them. Of course, there will be different promotions with discounts at different times. You can get a cheap deep wave human hair weave with closures or frontal by using the coupon code. So, if you really want to shop for good virgin deep wave hair sew-ins, just collect and you will receive a reminder of promotion.

How many bundles of deep wave Do I need?

Ok. Now, you have decided to try them to get a new image. but I guess you must face many questions then. For example, someone will ask: How many bundles of deep wave do I need? This is a frequent problem for new users. Because they are not familiar with the hair density. And some people will choose different density hair in different seasons. Summer is so hot, so we do not like very thick hair. But for winter, this is not an important issue. Besides, the bundle's number also be affected by the length. So, there are some factors you should consider about.

Factors You need Consider

Length:  the longer the length of your bundles, the more hair your generally going to need. So we suggest more bundles for a fuller look from root to tip.

Texture: If you want silky straight bundles and your planning on getting a bob, two bundles, and closure are more than enough. If you want extremely thick hair, you would need 3-4 bundles but if looking for extreme fullness an extra bundle would get the job done.

Size Of Your Head: If your head is bigger or smaller you'll need to adjust the number of bundles you purchase to accommodate that. In the US, the average size of a woman's head is 22.5".

Frontal Or Closure: Closures are usually 4 x 4 inches, You will need to use a minimum of two bundles with your closure. Because the frontal will cover a large portion of your head you will generally only need 2 – 3 bundles depending on the style and length. 

How many bundles of deep wave do I need?

If you wear bundles sew in, you must shop lace closure or lace frontal together to make a full head. Actually, it depends on what style you are going to do, with lace closure, a lace frontal, or a 360 frontal, and what kind of look you want to achieve from normal hair volume to a fuller one. Deep wave bundles with closure will be perfect for you to fill a full head.

1. Hair bundles with lace closure

That being said, if you are going for a shorter hairstyle like bob, you typically only need about 2 hair bundles. This is for if you install your weave with closure. My general rule of thumb is if you have bundles anywhere from 8 inches to about 14 inches, you only need 2 bundles. 

If you are going to get bundles longer than 14 inches, like 16 inches to 20 inches, you need three bundles. anything past that you need 4 bundles. 

You need to be careful when you are getting to the 20 inches because sometimes people will think okay, I’ll just get 3 bundles of 22 inches and that will be fine. It could be fine but the thing is your hair is going to be scanty because 3 bundles of 22 inches are not going to be the same as 18, 20, and 22. After all, you are going to get more wefts with the 18, 20, and 22inches bundle and look thicker.

The tricky thing about hair that is longer than 22 inches is that the longer your hair is, the more scanty or thinner it becomes, so you'd better double up on the longest length. For example, let’s say I was getting a 20, 22,24, and 26. I would recommend that you get a 20, 22, 24, and a 24. When you double up on the longest length, it is fuller. This is just to have a normal-looking fullness. If you want really full and thick, then past 22 inches, I would recommend 5 bundles. I know it could be a bit pricey, but if you want your hair to be really thick, 5 or 6 bundles is what you need with closure.

how many bundles with lace closure

2. Hair bundles with lace frontal

When you are using a frontal, that’s a little bit different because the frontal is from ear to ear. Obviously, it covers more span than lace closure. My rule of thumb is if you are getting anywhere from 8 to 18 inches, 2 bundles will suffice and anything past 16 inches, I would suggest getting 3 bundles. From 16 or 18 to about 20 to 24 inches, 3 bundles is good for you. For example, if you are doing a frontal and you want your longest length to be 24 inches, then you can get a frontal and then 20, 22 and 24, which should suffice. Hair bundle past 24 inches, I would definitely use 4 bundles.

In a lot of time, you guys want to buy long frontal and honestly, it is not necessary because when you buy your bundles, you buy it in increments of 2. they are layered. So why are you going to buy a 20 inches frontal and your bundles are like 18, 20, and 22 inch. It just doesn’t make any sense. Anyways, the front of your hair is usually shorter. 

how many bundles with lace frontal