Admirezii is one of our regular customers, she also runs a YouTube Channel. So this would be how her personal experience and her thought about our hair, let’s see what is she talking about the Malaysian deep wave hair

1. The deep-wave Malaysian hair didn't have too much of a smell.

"Hey, I'm back again with another YouTube video. And in this video, I'm gonna be talking about this deep wave curly hair that I got. It is so pretty but like comment subscribe if you want to. I'm gonna get right onto the video for you. Okay, so when I first got this hair, it was black. When I first got it it didn't have too much of a smell. It wasn't that bad of a smell, but I always wash my hair when I get it. So I thought washed it you know it smells better or whatever."

2. She dyed her black Malaysian hair.

"But I had to dye it so I use Delaurio high color in Magenta. I use three tools in it and I used the forty developers that come with Deloria Jitsu. and I don't know how much under the fourth developer I use. I just mixed it all together, then really matter I just mix it inside I like the pasty substance. I mean consistency. So I thought I dyed it, I let it dry whatever."

3. She has bought closure hair and bundles.

 "My closure is in 20 inches, Malaysian hair bundles are in a 22-inch. And when I first got them, they weren't this long, because I had this dress there, when I put it up to my hair it probably landed like right here. But when I stressed it again longer, but I have to say I really like this hair. This is Nadula hair I think I said that."

4. She likes the color of the Malaysian deep curly hair weave.

"I really like the color and the way how it goes with my Stanbury on my skin tone, and stuff like that. But Nadula is really good hair and the way how I style it. I use a spray bottle and a little bit of mousse to style it and stuff like that. That's how I get this. That's how it gets this texture. but like when it's dry it gets a little poofy, but I don't mind. I like that poufiness. It's really cute I think."

5. This is her first time wearing free part closure.

"But my closure, this is my first time getting a middle part closure, and I really like it. I think I'm gonna get another one soon. I don't know but I really like the Malaysian curly hair. It is really cute like I said. I thought I bleached, I mean after I dyed, it started shedding just a little bit, but not to that degree. But it's not bad. I don't think and then like when I put the mousse in my hair, I brush it out and stuff like that."

6. The Malaysian hair weave is really soft.

"The hair is really soft, it is really soft. but when I first got it, like when I brushed off the curls. It was so cute. I mean you know the guy is chemicals and stuff like that. So I was gonna change the hair a little bit. So I just came back from the nail shop and I want to show y'all how I look poofy. This is how it looks poofy. See it's really cute and I like it like this."

7. There is no shedding on Malaysian hair bundles.

"I like it for real. and it's no shedding and stuff like that. And then, get it back to that wavy wet look. It gets you a spray bottle and some mousse and then, it gets you together real quick."

8. It has very fast shipping.

"Okay. I'm gonna do that hair period. Okay, what some wretched baby stuff. But the hair came so fast, it came in like two days after ordered it. I was so happy. I got my hair done Monday and this is the second day I had it in. And it still looks great. I still love it and it's just perfect. I really like not doing it here. I think I might again I don't know yet."

9. Hair giveaway.

"I really I really like this texture the most. I don't know about their other textures, but this texture is okay. They also sent me some lashes. I don't know if I'm aware of you girl because I don't like lashes, it's true. But that's a plus. So, oh no, I might they're cute. But I'm leaving the link down in the description box below from where I bought this hair and stuff like that. So yeah, this is my comment. I will see y'all in my next YouTube video."

About Virgin Malaysian Human Hair 

Malaysian Hair is one of the most exotic hair types in the market. Malaysian Hair is obtained from Malaysian women who sell their hair to make some extra money. Malaysian hair weave is heavier, thicker, and denser than Indian hair, and also not as shiny and has a fuller body.

It has a very soft and smooth texture, it waves slightly when wet. As usual, we only offer 100% Virgin Hair, therefore our Malaysian hair is obtained from a single donor and has not been chemically altered or processed. It is Shed-Free and Tangle-Free, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing top-notch hair. We guarantee that you will love our long-lasting and beautiful hair.