These days, a sweet look with friends or a date is considered a quick weave ponytail with bangs. A ponytail with bangs is a hairstyle where the hair is pulled back from the face, gathered at the back of the head, secured with a tie or any hair accessory, and styled with a fringe in front. With this edgy hairstyle, you'll make a very casual look catch everyone's eyes! You can make your ponytail from short, thin, long, or lifeless hair.

To make a quick weave ponytail, a hair extension is pinned in the center of the head. One bundle of weaves is enough to make a ponytail with bangs, but repeat this step with the additional hair to give your hair volume. You can make your quick weave ponytail with bangs on any day, such as for gym, date, under the sun, or when you want to look extra neat but stylish. If you are looking for a quick weave ponytail with bangs, this article is for you. Continue your reading:

Why is a quick weave ponytail needed?

The volume of the hair depends upon general health and hair care. Due to poor health conditions and unhealthy lifestyles, everyone is experiencing skimpy thin hair, and you have no option except to wear hair extensions. So to give a stylish look to your hair extension, a ponytail with bangs is needed. This ponytail provides a graceful look and makes you feel confident and comfortable. Read on!

quick weave ponytail

What do you need for a quick weave ponytail with bangs?

The high weave ponytail with bangs is a peculiar but stylish hairstyle that gives you an elegant look. The number of weaves will depend on the volume you need, and the hair weave color will depend on the final look. To make a quick weave ponytail with bangs following supplies are required:

  • Your hairbrush and comb
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Water in a bottle spray
  • The extension (long for ponytail and short for bangs)
  • Hair oil
  • Edge control
  • Hair moisturizer of your choice
  • Non-alcoholic hair gel
  • Hair spray
  • Hairband
  • Bobby pins
  • Sticky pins or fabric glue

How to make a quick bang with a ponytail step by step?

A quick bang with a ponytail is an easy task that can be performed easily through step-by-step help such as:

  • Clean your hair, moisturize them, and remove the tangles to make them manageable
  • Lay down your hair in a neat and uniform manner
  • Apply the oil or hair food
  • Use the wide-tooth comb to comb out your hair
  • Use your tail comb to divide the hair into two unequal parts; the base and the body
  • Plait your front base and leave out a little hair on the base to hide the extension by giving it coverage
  • Use the hairbrush to brush your hair into the ponytail
  • Use the rubber band to tie your hair tightly in the mid of the head
  • Plait the ends of the tightly packed hair
  • Attach your long hair extension with a clip, needle, thread, glue, or pins
  • Take your shorter extension and apply it to your plaited base by gluing neatly
  • Comb out your little hair left at the base
  • Trim the ends of the short hair to give a sharp look

make a quick bang with a ponytail step by step

How to do a quick weave ponytail with 2 bangs?

Yes, you can do a quick weave ponytail with 2 bangs easily at your home following the given steps:

  • Wash your natural hair, moisturize them and remove the tangles with finders
  • Make a clean parting with a comb from the center
  • Pull your natural inches from the front and tie in a band
  • Use a few pins to set the hair in their place
  • Use styling gel to lay down your ponytail in the position you want; lower or higher
  • Lay down the wavy extension on your table and comb it well
  • Use sticky pins to attach the extension to your natural hair bun firmly
  • Usually, one weave is enough, but you can use two if your hair is thin and you want high volume
  • Now fix your 2 wavy bangs at the base of the ponytail with pins
  • Use a hair spray to set the two bangs on both sides of the partitioning line
  • You can use concealer to cover the base of the ponytail and bangs
  • You can use the fabric glue to keep sticking your both bangs

You can quickly get ready by following these steps by making a quick weave ponytail with 2 bangs.

high ponytail weave

How to do a quick weave ponytail with side bangs?

You can easily do a quick weave ponytail with side bangs by following the given steps.

  • Brush your hair and remove the knots and tangles
  • Tie your hair into a regular ponytail
  • Lay down your extension on the table and straighten a portion with a straightener iron
  • Fix the rest of the extension with pins and fabric glue into the ponytail
  • Stitch the straight portions on the side of the hair
  • Spray the fringes to stick on the place. These sprays and gels help to set up the bangs in their place and give you a stylish look

Using these simple steps, you can make a weave ponytail with side bangs or use tutorials to make this style easier.

afro kinky curly ponytail weave


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