We all know that 2023 is a sensational year for bob hairstyles, which can give you a fresh, stylish, lively look without making people feel dull at all! But for those who prefer a little longer, bob hairstyles may not be enough to impress, and today we are not here to convince you to choose short bob hairstyles or similar hairstyles. The topic we are going to talk about today is 2023 Clavicut hairstyle.

clavicut hairstyle

Maybe some people are a little unfamiliar with the word Clavicut, we can also call it Collarbone-Length Haircut, and you will have a clear understanding of its concept. This flattering and chic look is super trending this spring and summer, and it can give you even more style inspiration. Rarely does one hairstyle work for nearly every hair type, face shape, or other feature, but the "Clavicut" is one of those hairstyles that almost anyone can pull off, and it's designed to suit everyone. Read on for more details on this cool, versatile look.

Clavicut hair

1. What Is The Clavicut Hairstyle?

The "Clavicut" is the perfect mid-length hairstyle, it's a name for where the hair meets (the collarbone) and the ends just skim the collarbone to make it "just the right length" for a look that's edgy and sophisticated. Everyone who's tried this Anyone with a hairstyle thinks it looks good, so it quickly became popular. Popular on Instagram and TikTok, this hairstyle can be easily adapted by both curly and straight girls.


If you're not ready to indulge in short hair and cut it off completely, this one's for you. It's somewhere between a lob and a bob, flatters your features, and is suitable for all hair types and face shapes, which makes it suitable for almost everyone. It's got a lot of fans for its versatility, just the right length for collarbone hair, worn as a long bob or thrown back in a ponytail. In addition, its irregular and layered shape looks more relaxing. Summer is the perfect season to try out this hairstyle.

2. Why Is Clavicut So Popular?

Long before the bob was widely popular in hair salons this year, it was the collarbone hairstyle that was trending among celebrities and models. This medium-length hairstyle has been in vogue for a while and is making a comeback for three reasons:

One is because many people want to lose some weight when the hot summer arrives, so that they can look fresher and keep themselves cooler.

The second reason is that this hairstyle is suitable for all hair types and is easy to maintain, especially for curly and more textured hair types. And for those with naturally straight hair, collarbone hairstyles can provide a sleek, sexy look that requires little to no styling.

The third reason is that this hairstyle is suitable for all kinds of face shapes, it can modify your face shape very well, and your facial features will also look more refined.

clavicut 2023

3. What Is The Difference Between a Lob And a Clavicut?

A collarbone length or a 'clavicut' is a blunt cut, where your hair sits around the collarbone. The difference between clavicut and the lob is that the hair is the same length from back to front.

4. Is Clavicut Suitable For People With Fine Hair?

Absolutely. Because the Clavicut hairstyle adds volume and texture, it has lots of layers, can have a rejuvenating effect, and brings incredible movement to the hair, perfect for those with fine hair.

5. What Occasions Are Clavicle Hairstyles Suitable For?

Clavicle hairstyles are perfect for any occasion, and they can easily transform from casual hairstyles suitable for the workday to sexy and messy party or prom hairstyles.


If you’re looking for stylish summer hairstyles, or want a hairstyle that takes some weight off your summer hair but doesn’t want a short bob, Clavicle are the ideal hairstyle for you. It requires far less product and time than long hair, but can still be worn in a ponytail when the situation calls for it. Plus, it can be successfully paired with bangs or draw the eye by adding volume and layering. This versatile and popular clavicle hairstyle is sure to surprise you, so talk to your hairdresser about the details and create your own style.