What is 613 wig?

The wig color 613 is a kind of color that refers to blonde. It is a very fashionable and chic wig that is welcomed by most black women and white women. If you try to search 613 blonde wigs on the internet, you will find that there are many kinds of them, 613 full lace wig, 613 lace front wig, etc. But do you know why is it so popular now?

Then, you will read in this post:

Why Is 613 Wig So popular?

Actually, it has been popular for years. Today, it is still one of the main hot colors. Here you can get 3 key points why so many people choose 613 blonde wigs:

1. It is very pretty and can also be worn differently to suit your specific taste and sense of style. Besides, the 613 lace wig can brighten your complexion.

For example, A long blonde highlight wig will make you shine and charming after you wear it. 

2. 613 lace wig is highly sought after because chemically dying hair is pretty tough on your bio hair! So, having that perfect blonde without the damage to your bio hair is one of the reasons 613 blonde wigs are so popular.

3. They are available in different sizes and lengths. There are those that like their hair flowing down the back and these will be served perfectly with the 16, 18, and more than 20-inch 613 wigs. And for those ladies who want to keep it short, there also have blonde bob wigs with 8, and 10 inches to choose from.

Where to buy a good 613 lace Front wig?

For customers, one of the biggest concerns is where to buy a good 613 lace wig at the best price. As we know, there are different textures of wigs, as a wig professional, we advise you to choose 613 human hair wigs whether you are new or a regular users. Because a human hair wig will not damage your natural hair and look more natural than other textures. And not all human hair wigs are expensive. Here you can check a very affordable 613 lace front wig recommended by Krys V.--- A popular web celebrity on Youtube:

Product Name Nadula 4x4 Inch 613 Blonde Bob Wig Straight Wig Transparent Lace Closure Wigs
Hair Length 8-14 Inch
Cap Size Average Size (Head circumference:54cm-58cm )
Cap Type Transparent lace
Lace Size 4x4 lace
Density 150%
Items / Pkg 1pcs/pack
Hair Quality 100% virgin hair, tangle free, no shedding, soft & bouncy.
Characteristics Natural Root-to-Tip hair only, Can Be Ironed, Bleached & Dyed

Check the details of the product from here: https://www.nadula.com/nadula-4x4-inch-613-blonde-bob-wig-straight-wig-transparent-lace-closure-wigs.html

Reviews Of Nadula 613 Lace Front Wig

The natural blonde wig is soft, and full, has a pre-plucked hairline which is a plus, and has minimum to no shedding. The con is that the tracks are visible at the top, shipping took longer than usual because the texture I ordered wasn’t in stock but wasn’t told till a week later.

REVIEW BY J**S / (POSTED ON 9/14/2020)

The shipping was fast and the quality of the long blonde hair wig is beautiful. It’s really soft.

REVIEW BY S**H / (POSTED ON 9/13/2020)

I love this long straight blonde wig, it is so so soft, and the silky length is true to the description I got 150 density to wish I would have gone higher but other than that I love will definitely be ordering it again.

REVIEW BY N****H / (POSTED ON 7/2/2020)

This realistic blonde wig is a very nice wig soft, customer service is amazing to thank you for your outstanding service will buy it again my client was super happy.

REVIEW BY R****N / (POSTED ON 7/2/2020)

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After you wore it for some time, you want to curl it, right? Want to try a curly golden blonde wig? It’s not difficult. You can finish it at home, just follow the ultimate tutorial made by Krys V. She has changed the straight lace front blonde wig to a blonde curly wig. Just keep reading:

Ultimate Tutorial Of Curling Straight 613 Lace Front Wig

Hey guys! Welcome to my channel. My name is Krys and I am going to show you how I do my curls on my straight blonde wig. Before we get into this video I want to tell you where this hair wig is from. This real blonde wig is from a company called Nadula hair and this length is 22 inches long, but it feels a little bit longer than that. 

1. Brush the 613 Lace Front Wig

Now I'm going to show you how I start to curl it. So I just like to start from the bottom when I'm curling my blonde straight wig and then I section it off in pieces. And what I'll do is I'll clip it just like this, then take my brush through it just to make sure the white blonde lace front wig is not tangled or anything like that.

2. Do The curls

Then I'll take my curling iron and I basically put it like this that the curl could flip up. If that makes sense, so y'all see how like that just flipped up like this so if you do your curl in the direction that I just did it, You're gonna have some really cute curls. They're gonna fall really pretty. 

I definitely recommend when you're doing your curl with a curling iron to do it like flipping up instead of going in, so do like an outer curl instead of like an inner curl. 

3. Pin Them After curled The 613 lace front wig

Then to pin them right after you curled it. So if you do that you're definitely gonna have nice curls and they stay in longer too. Because this is light, all I need is one clip and then we're just gonna put it in there and do the same thing on here. Then this is gonna get a little bigger.

4. Style 613 lace front wig

I'm also going to show you how I style the white blonde lace front wig because this human hair blonde wig is a little bit longer. When your hair is long in the front and you're doing curls. If your hair was cut into layers in the front, the curls would fall so much nicer. and it'll look very silky and bouncy when you have some layers in your hair. 

As you get close to the top you'll feel like how you need to if you need to part your hair more, because it's too much hair. Then you'll do that for right now. You might need to do two sections like that. I'm running out of my clip. Okay, so now that I have this hairstyle. Let me do a full 360 freeze.

I'm going to start taking out hair, I mean I'm going to start thinking about pins from the back, just to see how the curl drops. Then let's try another one. I could just re-curl whatever. See these are working now.

This is basically what the back looks like. That's how I'm gonna notify basically with the hot comb ahead. You know press in your roots and then just like now at this point. It's all about styling. So definitely this is like a quick one-day wear type of wig.


Yeah, as I said, I would recommend this blonde human hair wig to wear for a day out or whatever and only straight hair, because you can't curl this so if you want to have straight hair then this is the perfect straight blonde wig for you to get. That's pretty much it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it and I'll see you all in my next video. Bye!!