Every season brings new hair and color trends, and if you haven't caught on, you're out of fashion. Blonde money piece is the current trend. What are you waiting for? Today I'll tell you why you must try this hairstyle and how to get blonde money piece hair.

Blonde money piece is the current trend.

What is blonde money piece?

What is money piece hair? What is blonde money piece? In fact, it's a special brightening technique that can help brighten your skin tone and highlight your facial features. What's more, you can choose any color to make money piece hair. Most of the girls will choose light colors to make money piece hair. Money pieces fit a variety of hair colors and can easily help you achieve unique and personalized goals. Money pieces are bleached or toned down after a bright frame around the front hairline. The bleached money piece will enhance your skin tone and will grow out very gently with minimal care or maintenance. The bleached money piece will enhance your skin tone and will grow out very gently with minimal care or maintenance.
The blonde money piece, on the other hand, draws highlights from the frame of your face in two long bangs on either side of your face. This was done using the Balayage technique, in which the stylist hand-paints the color onto the hair.

Why choose blonde money piece hair?

Why do I suggest you get blonde money piece hair? You will find that blonde money pieces are very common in the colorful field of highlights, which also speaks to their popularity. So what are you waiting for? There's nothing better than making your own blonde money piece. The bleached money piece is a new trend.

blonde money piece hair

1. Blonde has the highest compatibility with money piece

As you know, money piece requires the use of the Balayage technique, and blonde hair itself is suitable for a variety of coloring techniques, including money piece.
If you want to bring a subtle update to your hairstyle, you can create a glow in the sun with money piece that focus highlights around your hairline. Choose a color one or two shades lighter than your base color for a natural look. The beauty of money pieces is that they are great for facial modification and draw attention to your facial features. At the same time, the cost and maintenance are lower than other hairstyles. This color technique of blonde money piece works for everyone, and blonde hair is easier to wear because of its lower contrast.

2. A variety of styles to suit all popular hair colors

Blonde money piece is widely used and can be paired with a variety of hair colors to create a variety of styles. Here are the most popular styles of blonde money pieces.

2.1 Red hair with blonde money pieces

Red hair with blonde money pieces

When it comes to red hair, special attention is usually paid to the red skunk stripe. In this case, you can go for warm blonde hair, but be careful not to make it too yellow. Red hair with a blonde money piece is so cool. In fact, red hair color also look best on dark skin, with a blonde money piece, which will highlight the makeup of your face.

2.2 Copper hair with blonde money pieces

Copper hair with blonde money pieces

Do you like copper money piece? Copper is the perfect combination of bronzer and red tones for rich and warm hair color. This is a good choice to draw attention to the face. Copper money piece is a technique that complements all hair textures and lengths and looks great on everyone. You can update your hair with minimum effort but maximum style.

How to bleach money pieces at home?

How to have a perfect blonde money piece? It isn't a difficult thing. you can go to the hairdresser or you can get blonde money pieces at home. You just need to follow these steps.

1. Trim your hair

Since you want the blonde money pieces to have the effect of shaping your face, it is important to differentiate your overall hair length. You need to modify the end of the hair near your cheeks to make it easier to work from behind.

2. Prepare your dye

No matter how you dye your hair, you need to mix the hair dye first. Mix the colors proportionally to form the base of blonde money piece dye. You can have a special bowl for hair dye.
I hope you use 10-20 amounts to lighten your hair, higher amount of hair dye is for dark hair colors, or black hair, or dark brown hair, if you use it incorrectly, it can cause irreversible damage to your hair damage.

3. Create a bright money piece around your hairline

Part your hair around your hairline, preferably in a triangular shape. Don't be afraid to take back-to-back highlights. Remember to also apply your low-light parts to create depth and dimension.

4. Start dyeing your hair

Place aluminum foil under the section you want to bleach and apply the product from the middle to the ends of your hair. Apply bleach to your hair, and if you want full color, you can apply it all the way to your roots. Or, if you want a balanced effect, you can just apply the parts you want to be different. When you reach the roots where natural hair starts to grow, you can mix the product diagonally for a more natural look.
Wrap aluminum foil around the bleached area to saturate the hair for better results. Check your hair every 10-15 minutes until you achieve the desired result.

5. Wash and style your blonde money piece hair

You should wash your hair with warm or cold water after you have dyed the blonde money piece hair. Some of the dye may be washed off, so be careful and wear less needed clothes to prevent the dye from damaging the clothes. After washing, dry with a hairdryer and comb your hair.