Brown hair with blond highlights is a highlighting technique that perfectly blends gold and brown. It combines the gentleness and warmth of brown with the beauty and brightness of gold. If you want to pull off a sophisticated, elegant look, go with a brown wig with blonde highlights.

There are 7 brown with blonde highlights wigs for you to help you be more charming and attractive in this cold winter. And it is not only elegant but also suitable for all face shapes and skin tones. In addition, perfect for any season, these 7 brown hair wigs with blonde highlights are sure to add on-trend style and sophisticated elegance to your look.

Brown Wig with Baby Hair Blonde Highlight Straight Lace Front Wig

Straight hair has always been loved by everyone for its brightness and smoothness. This is a light brown wig with blonde highlights. The straight hair wig mixes chocolate brown with gold, which makes this hairstyle look very gorgeous.

Because the undertone of this brown hair with blonde highlights wig is brown, the wig is very versatile. And this color can be perfectly combined with your skin tone. The golden highlights free your hair from monotony, making the whole hairstyle look more bright. We are sure that you will stand out from the crowds with ordinary pure color hair.

Body Wave Honey Blonde Highlight 13x4 Lace Frontal Wig

Body wave has always been one of the hairstyles that will never go out of fashion in curly hair, and it can be called a classic hairstyle. It will add a gentle and sexy feeling to the person wearing this wig.

The undertone of this wig is darker brown, and the highlights are honey blonde. Together, these shades blend seamlessly with a smooth, streamlined finish. You will feel the color of this hair is very layered. The brown wig with blonde highlights can add more charm to your looking.

Brown Curly Lace Front Wigs Honey Blonde Highlight Wigs

This is a curly hair wig. A large number of small and dense curls are fused together to make the hair look very fluffy, which can increase the volume of hair visually. Fluffy hair can better modify the face shape. Deep brown hair and blonde highlights make the whole hairstyle look very special.

And this wig has two kinds of caps for you to choose from, T part and lace frontal wig. You can decide which one to choose according to your own hairstyle habits and economic budget. If you are accustomed to doing the middle part, you can choose a T part wig; if you prefer side parts, then a brown lace front wig with blonde highlights will be more suitable for you.

Long Face Framing Highlights Wigs Honey Blonde Balayage on Brown Hair

Balayage is the technique of free-hand painting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and natural gradation of lightness towards the ends. The upper part of this wig is black and the brown middle part begins to transition into gold in the ends. This design forms a distinct layering visually.

On both sides of the middle part are golden highlights. When people see your hair, the first thing they notice is the bright golden color on the sides. They can frame the face and brighten the skin tone.

Honey Blonde Highlight 5x5 HD Lace Closure Wigs

This is also long straight hair, similar to the first one we mentioned above. The difference is that the wig cap is made of 5x5 HD lace. Compared with ordinary lace, HD lace can better fit your own skin color and will be more comfortable.

In addition, the brown undertone and gold highlights of this one are darker than the first wig. The wig's color is a combination of dark brown and honey blonde. If you like darker hair, you can choose this one.

Highlight Straight Bob Brown Color Wigs With Natural Hairline

All above wigs are long hair. For girls who prefer short hair, we have also prepared some short wigs for you.

This deep brown hair with blonde highlights wig is a bob hairstyle wig. Bob's hair has always been a very common hairstyle for short hair. Its hair ends are slightly curved inward, which can make the face look more lovely. The brown undertone can perfectly match your skin tone, and the golden highlights can make you more gorgeous and attractive, which is very suitable for girls who like bob hair.

Honey Blonde Colored Ombre Brown Water Wave

Lace Front Human Hair Wig

The last one is the water wave hairstyle. Generally speaking, water wave hair is often natural color. The ombre golden and brown water wave wig is reminiscent of the sparkling sea in the setting sun. The length of the wig is 12 inches. A short hair wig is easier to care for than long hair. Besides, It not only suits your skin color but also makes your hair look more fluffy and fuller.


Whenever we mention winter, what will we think of? Sweater, long coat, scarf, and a cup of hot latte. All of them are perfectly matched with your brown with blonde highlights wig. And with the combination of two colors, you don't have to worry about obtrusiveness or monotony.

So have you decided on your next hair wig for the winter? In the post, we just recommend 7 wigs for you, if you want another one, such as a honey brown wig with blonde highlights or a blonde wig with brown highlights, you can check the relative information on the selling page.

Come on and pick your favorite brown hair with blonde highlights wig. Do you love these styles? Welcome to share your ideas with us in the comment section.