When it comes to autumn, the colors that most people think of are yellow and red, but in addition to red and yellow, there are many more shades to represent autumn colors, these unique autumn colors represent the unique fashion trends of autumn, autumn shades also have a decisive impact on our outfits, makeup and hair color. When you are choosing colored hair, please pay attention, that high-quality colored wig must be your best choice.

What other words can we use to describe these two hues other than red and yellow? Next, we have compiled ten expressions about autumn colors and ten attractive hair colors to match them, hoping to help you know more about the most suitable hair colors for autumn.

1. Feuille Morte

In French, the term means "dead leaf." it is the color of withered leaves in autumn. In English, Feuille Morte refers specifically to a brownish-orange or yellowish-brown color. The synonymous derivative, philamot, can also be used to describe the brownish, yellowish colors in autumn foliage.

This piano highlight wig perfectly complements the color sense of autumn leaves, which is the unique charm of this shade. This hair color just matches the dead leaf yellow tone, and the water wave design is a very classic and beautiful hairstyle! This big, brushed-out look is a gorgeous way to show off some volume, while piano highlights frame the face and brighten this bold style. This is one of the perfect everyday looks to try this fall.

2. Sepia

In modern English, what people know as sepia is the brownish tone that vintage photos. Sepia hues can be found in autumn leaves and oceans.

Originally, sepia was applied to the cuttlefish, when it is frightening, it will release an inky secretion. In the 19th century, watercolor painters began using sepia secretion to make a rich, brown pigment, named sepia. A general explanation of the color is brownish gray to dark olive brown.

although its original tone included gray and dark brown, the color added in blonde highlight, so at the back is like a brown chestnut color, the highlight is also evenly spread at the front part, the color blends well everywhere. This ingenious combination of hair color makes the original dull color shows endless life, and makes hair look lush and gorgeous, you are bound to love it.

3. Russet

As the days frown shorter and cooler, some plants also take on warm gold, russet, and sepia tones. Next, let's mainly take a look at Russet. Russet is also called reddish brown, russet is a popular fall color. Its name is a borrowing of an Anglo-French adjective, meaning “reddish” or “reddish-brown,” that came to designate a coarse, homespun cloth used to make garments. English borrowed the French term for cloth in the 13th century before using it in its color sense.

Association of the word with rural living led to its use as an adjective meaning "rustic," "homely," and "simple."

Because reddish-brown is a common representative color in autumn, wigs of this color are especially popular among wig lovers. Reddish-brown can reflect the charm of late autumn, intertwining the dark colors of autumn with fiery red to show elegance.

4. Amber

Autumn is probably the most nostalgic season yet, and it's the season full of warm tones. Amber is also a classic autumn color. Amber can describe the dark orange-yellow color of a floating leaf or a substance found floating in the sea. Amber is a type of fossilized tree resin, species of insects and plants have been found as fossils in this yellowish to brownish amber, and the color of amber is deeply colored and translucent. It is from the color of this resin that amber has come to refer to as a dark orange-yellow.

If you like low-key brown hair color, then this color is not to be missed! This brown is as clear and clean as amber. The brick brown with a little pink feeling is very beautiful, and the lightness of the hair is not too light, so it can add volume to the hair, and the hair looks very good. No matter from which angle you look at it, it shines with an attractive luster. Amber looks very autumnal.

5. Gamboge

Gamboge, also spelled camboge, can be used to describe the vivid yellows of autumn. Gamboge refers to a gum resin, it can be used as a yellow pigment and as a purgative. The resin color is between orange and brown but when pulverized turns bright.

It's a bright and transparent yellow, and the color feels like the leaves of aspen in early autumn.

6. Scarlet

Scarlet was not originally a word for a color but a name for a high-quality cloth, because the cloth was commonly dyed red, scarlet became associated with bright red colors, it is a perfect descriptor for the bright reds of autumn.

It is one of the red colors, between red and orange. Darker than vermilion, which is named for the color of orangutan blood, it refers to a bright red color like orangutan blood. Traditionally, scarlet is the color of flames, flaming scarlet exudes confidence and determination, bright scarlet is characterized by passion, and the wigs designed with this color can make you stand out!

7. Platinum Blonde

If you are a lover of blonde hair, or you just want to have a new style, take the leap into a bold platinum look with a long and flowing platinum butter-toned blonde wig. This gorgeous wig color idea is sure to turn heads anywhere you go. Try adding some simple braids to make this style flawless!


Autumn is a charming season, the weather is cool, the colors are gorgeous, and the warmth of gold is shrouded everywhere, making all the colors look very harmonious and warm under the golden smudge. No matter what color you want to try, you can try it boldly, it will surprise you. If you have other suggestions for fashionable hair color, please leave a message in the comment area.