Having stepped in fall, it is the best time to go for warm hair tones and say goodbye to blonde and pastel hues. For the girls who want innovation and add charm by getting a new hair color, copper that has evolved to embody sex appeal and a strong, independent personality is an ideal hair color. If you are not sure whether copper hair color will work for you, please read on for the ultimate guide not just to going copper, but for everything that happens next.

What Color Is Copper In Hair Color?

Copper hair is a blend of red and bronze colors and because there is no natural tone a copper hair dye is needed to achieve it. Copper tends to have a subtle golden undertone, but gets a little pop of brightness from the orange.

Copper is a slightly darker red compared to auburn hair color, belonging to the category of warm red color since all the components of its base include warm shades like yellow, orange, and gold. As one of the most popular red hair colors, there are different shades of copper hair, including soft strawberry, and deep ginger to a copper penny.

copper color hair

How Do I Know If Copper Hair Will Look Good On Me?

Try a copper red hair color might be a risk, but the final look can pay off. To make sure whether copper hair suits you, you should determine your true skin tone first. The vein test is a feasible method: hold your wrists to the light; if your veins are mostly blue and purple, you have a cool undertone; if they are mostly green, you have a warm undertone; if they are a mixture of both, you have a neutral undertone.

As a matter of experience, if you have a cool complexion, a cool shade of hair color is wonderful for you. For the girls with warm complexions, warm shade is a better choice. In between? You'd probably suit both or more neutral tones of red.

What Skin Tone Goes With Copper Hair?

If you have a rose or pink undertone, you feel free to rock any shade of copper hair. For those with warm or fair complexions, we recommend warmer shades of copper or warm copper highlights. Darker complexions look better with cooler copper shades that have a hint of ruby or violet.

Is Copper Hair Color Hard To Maintain?

If you want a shade that's more than two shades lighter than your existing color, you'll need to bleach your hair to get a perfect copper hair color. Therefore, copper hair color washes out more quickly than other shades and needs high maintenance that involves a lot of dedicated care. To get this color, you’d better ask for a trusted professional to ensure you get the best possible result. And after dyeing your hair into copper color, it requires regular in-salon toners and treatments every 6-8 weeks.

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Copper Hair Color Wigs Recommended For You

As we mentioned, if you want a perfect copper hair color, you have to bleach your hair. However, the bleaching process is very harmful to your natural hair, which is one important factor that most girls will take into consideration, especially for the girls with naturally curly hair that is more fragile and need more condition. So for the women who want to try copper hair but don’t want to take risk of damaging natural hair, we recommend some trendy copper wigs.

And with a copper wig made out of human hair, you can get the ideal hair color without any damage to your natural hair. Besides, there are various hairstyles to meet your requirements. And with professional wigs production technology, you will never have to worry about color fading. You just need to care for it as your other hair wigs.

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