Lace front bob wigs are good products recognized by customers in recent years, Also, the timeless and modern bob style is the wig trend in 2020. From the classic, bob cut to shaggy bob haircuts. They are officially one of the most popular styles requests that we get. Whether you are young or old and whatever your face shape, you can guarantee that there must be a lace front bob wig that will suit you.

Besides, there are many benefits of lace front wigs. First, they are highly versatile because the hairline appears as if it's your own, you wear them in any fashion that covers the rear nape for a flawless appearance. The lace front bob wig human hair texture will give you a more natural hairline and no one will not see you wearing a wig.

Here are the timeless bob lace front wigs collections in many different styles and colors that will suit all face shapes:

bob style lace front wigs

1. Straight short bob lace front wigs

This is a kind of class bob cut lace front wigs that have been hot selling for a long time. It was accepted and welcomed by all the ages, young girls, students, middle-aged, and even old. There is no special need for this lace front wig bob style. And natural black is the leading color, so it will meet all the customers of all skin tones. It was made of 100% virgin hair, tangle-free, no shedding, soft and bouncy. And there are different densities for this bob lace front wig, 130% 150%, 180% to meets various customer needs.

Straight short bob lace front wigs

2. lace front bob wigs with bangs

You'll find the newest styles for human lace front bob wigs with bangs here, girls. Is has pre-plucked the hairline. The fringe will make you look younger and lovely. It will be easy to wear and be taken care of. The style wig also has different densities represent different thicknesses and volumes. The higher the density, the thicker the wig. This kind of human hair short bob wig with bangs is suitable for various face shapes.

lace front bob wigs with bangs

3. curly bob lace front wigs

Curly bob wig lace front wig is one of the most sought after bob human hair wigs. Delicate and compact and wet and wavy weave curls are bouncy and will show the feeling of popular trends. Small curls bob wigs become more and more popular and many customers are trying them, they will bring you a distinctive charm in several minutes. You will feel so much different from basic straight lace front bob cut wig. More, you can color it according to personal preferences.

curly bob lace front wigs

4. blonde bob lace front wig

Short blonde bob wig is the leading colored bob wig that welcomed by women. It has natural root-to-tip hair only, made of virgin human hair that can be ironed, bleached, and dyed. This style is far more spectacular than basic style, it's like Egyptian Queen Cleopatra style which comes in natural black though, but since 613 blonde bob is so popular, it is worthy to try during your wigs life. Especially for the ones who are dreaming to be attractive and eye-catching gorgeous queen. The blonde color 613 will make you shinning this summer.

blonde bob lace front wig

5. Red bob lace front wig

The short red bob wig is a special lace front wigs bob style that will be suitable for the one who loves bright colors. This style virgin hair lace wigs acts naturally, shed free and comprises of thick and strong strandsnot easy to break. If you are tired of natural black lace front bob cut wig, just try this color boldly.

Red bob lace front wig

6. Blue bob wigs lace front style

This dark blue lace front wig is one of the new fashionable color hair wigs with the middle part. The blue color reminds us of the sky and the ocean. We associate the color with depth and stability. It can be a shade of serenity and peacefulness. Maybe every one of us has a blue dream in mind, even we want to wear blue clothes and hair. Here is the best chance to try it. Is this dark blue bob wig amazing? For an edgy look, pair it with a black leather jacket or lacy pumps. You will look very cool and shinning this summer! For a night under the sea, pair with pastels. Dive in, mermaid!

Blue bob wigs lace front style


7. purple lace front BOB wig

Do you like purple? Will you want to learn more about it? Here the dark purple lace front wig is a kind of bob wig with bangs. Purple bob wig is rare on the market as the color is so special. It is the color of mysterious, nobility dignity, and ambition. Shop for the quality lace front purple wig with the best price now.

purple lace front BOB wig


8. blonde highlight wig bob style

The strawberry blonde lace front wig is a two-toned blend of platinum blonde and strawberry color, so we can also call it strawberry blonde lace front wig. The mixed color highlight bob wig is just for the ones who like ombre wigs. This highlight bob wig is side part with top-grade 13x4 lace base. It is very suitable in summer because the lace is very light and breathable. The natural hairline looks realistic and can not see you are wearing a wig.

blonde highlight wig bob style


Here are all the cheap bob lace front wigs that are hot-selling this year. Just click the pictures to learn more about them and get the newest discount prices Now. All of these are real hair wigs that can be styled, bleached, straightened, or curled as you like. Show yourself in this summer holiday by wearing a fashionable lace front bob in several minutes, beauties!