I purchased this deep Brazilian wave virgin hair about two weeks and a half ago and received it within 4 days. Shipping was fast,  and was no hassle. I like the brand and advocate for it and this is my second purchase. I purchased this item in a 16", 18", and 20", natural color. I trimmed it for a more natural finish but the hair is really soft and manageable with minimal shedding or tangling.

It came in a neat little box with a pack containing two stocking caps. It is everything I hoped for when purchasing. I keep hair well conditioned and cowshed it to keep it well maintained.   But I made a wig and I need a frontal but you don't make frontal for this so I am skeptic about buying another brand.  I did that for the loose body and your hair lasted a long time and was a better quality.  It showed that I had two different hair brands. So now I have an half finish wig because your hair quality is one of the best.

deep wave virgin hair


I had to update my review I made the half of wig one week early and left it so to get stale to see the quality. I used a different brand closure B but this hair curly stay defined, soft and tangle free -a little spray and fingers thru and hit the road.

It barely sheds I see like one or two strands its true to its length. Like any curly hair it gets dry but with a little water it curls right back up to form tight, juicy looking curls. I have blow dried and straightened the hair as well which makes a very full, beautiful blow out look and after conditioning and washing the hair, the curls came right back!

The owner is very diligent in returning messages and is attentive to all needs. About to place a second order soon!

 deep wave virgin hair

Here are some tips for maintaining the deep wave weave.

Allow the hair weave to set for at least two weeks once it is installed. During this time, abstain from immersing the hair in water or applying any styling products to it.

Brush the weave prior to your first wash to remove any accumulated oil or residue. Pull a length of the weave taut and brush from the ends to the base using a smooth, controlled motion. Continue until you have brushed the entire weave.

Clean the weave at least once a week using mild water and a nourishing shampoo for curly hair. Allow the suds to penetrate through the base of the weave to ensure that your scalp is cleaned. Rinse out the shampoo completely and follow with a cream conditioner, also listed for use with curly hair.

Apply a detangling spray to the deep wave weave while the hair is still damp to prevent knotting. Brush the hair from the ends to the base to distribute the spray throughout the weave.

Dry the hair using a blow dryer on a medium heat setting. If you will be adding additional styling products, ensure that they are non-abrasive and alcohol-free.

Preserve the weave's curls using a curling iron on a medium heat setting. If your weave is more wavy than it is curly, set the hair using a set of plastic curlers. While the curls and waves of synthetic weaves can be permanent, pieces made from natural hair require upkeep.

Wrap your weave in a silk scarf before going to bed. Cotton pillowcases and sheets may ruin the natural sheen of your weave bought from Nadula Mall, but an overnight silk or satin wrap will protect it. Use a wrap while exercising or working outdoors.

 deep wave virgin hair