Wearing wigs is a fantastic way to experiment with different hairstyles and colors, but finding the right fit can be a challenge, especially for women with bigger heads. Fortunately, there are several key factors to consider when choosing wigs to ensure comfort, style, and a natural look. In this guide, we'll explore tips and tricks for selecting the perfect wigs for women with big heads.

How to make the big head look smaller?

How to make the big head look smaller?

If you have a larger head and wish to create the illusion of a smaller head, there are several styling techniques and choices in clothing and accessories that can help balance proportions and flatter your overall appearance. Here are some tips.

1. Dark colors

How to make the big head look smaller?

Dark hair colors can have a slimming effect. If you're comfortable with it, consider trying a darker shade that complements your skin tone.

2. Layers and volume hairstyles

How to make the big head look smaller?

Consider a hairstyle with layers and volume on the top. This can draw attention upward and away from the width of the head, creating a more balanced look.

3. Structured hats

How to make the big head look smaller?

Choose hats with a structured or angular design. Avoid hats that are too wide or round, as they can exaggerate the size of the head. Fedoras or hats with asymmetrical brims can be good choices.

How to make the big head look smaller?

Can people with big heads wear wigs?

Absolutely! People with big heads can definitely wear wigs. The key is to find wigs that are specifically designed to accommodate larger head sizes. Nadula hair recognized the diversity in head sizes and offered options for various head circumferences, including those with larger dimensions. Here are some tips for people with big heads looking to wear wigs.

Can people with big heads wear wigs?

1. Measure your head

Before purchasing a wig, measure your head accurately. Use a flexible tape measure to determine the circumference of your head. Start from the front hairline, go around the back, and back to the front. This measurement will help you choose wigs that fit comfortably.

2. Look for large size options

Many wig brands offer different size options, including average, petite, and large. Look specifically for wigs labeled as "large" to ensure a better fit. Large size wigs are designed to provide more room and comfort for individuals with bigger heads.

Can people with big heads wear wigs?

3. Adjustable features

Opt for wigs that come with adjustable straps and combs. These features allow you to customize the fit of the wig, ensuring a secure and comfortable feel. Adjustable straps can be tightened or loosened to accommodate different head sizes, and combs provide additional stability.

How to make the big head look smaller?

4. Explore cap constructions

Consider the cap construction of the wig. Monofilament and lace front wigs are popular choices for a natural look. Monofilament wigs have a breathable cap that mimics the appearance of a natural scalp, while lace front wigs provide a seamless hairline. Both options can contribute to a comfortable and realistic wear.

5. Try before you buy

If possible, try on the wig before making a purchase. Many wig shops and online retailers offer virtual try-on tools or have physical stores where you can test different styles. Trying on the wig allows you to assess how it feels on your head and ensures a good fit.

Can people with big heads wear wigs?

What are the best kinds of wigs for women with big heads?

When looking for the best kind of wigs for women with big heads, it's important to consider features that provide comfort, security, and a natural look. Here are some key characteristics and types of wigs that are well-suited for individuals with larger head sizes.

1. Lace front wigs

Wear Go Glueless Curly Wave wig

Lace front wigs have a fine lace material at the front that creates a realistic hairline. This type of wig is versatile and provides a natural appearance, making it a great choice for women with big heads who want an authentic look.

2. Wigs with stretch caps

Pre-cut lace bob wig

Some wig brands offer stretch caps that provide additional flexibility and room for larger head sizes. These caps typically have elastic materials that conform to the shape of the head, ensuring a comfortable fit.

3. Large cap wigs

 Straight Short Bob Wig

Some wig brands specifically offer wigs labeled as "large caps" to cater to individuals with bigger heads. These wigs are designed with larger dimensions to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

4. Human hair wigs

What are the advantages of 150% density wigs?

Human hair wigs offer a natural look and feel. They can be a great choice for women with big heads as they can be styled like natural hair and are often available in various cap constructions suitable for larger sizes.

5. Custom-made wigs

150% density wigs

For a perfect fit, consider investing in a custom-made wig tailored to your specific head measurements. Custom wigs are crafted to meet your unique requirements, ensuring the most comfortable and secure fit.


Choosing the right wig for women with big heads involves a combination of accurate measurements, adjustable features, and considerations of cap construction and hair type. By keeping these factors in mind and exploring different options, you can confidently find a wig that not only fits comfortably but also enhances your natural beauty.