Recently, a new wig has attracted the attention of many girls, whose name is 13x1 lace wig. What is a 13x1 lace wig’s meaning? We have always seen more 13x4 and 13x6 wigs before. Do you have any questions about the 13x1 lace wig, if you do, maybe this blog can help you get the answers about this wig.

What Is a 13x1 Lace Wig?

You can understand it as a 13x1 lace front wig which is also named T part lace wig. Similar to the lace frontal wig of 13x4 and 13x6. 13 refers to the lace range from your left ear to your right ear. 1, 4, and 6 refers to the lace area on the top of your head, that is, the range of lace extending from the hairline to the top of your head.

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Because the lace of a 13x1 lace wig covering area is relatively small, the seam of the middle part is made of lace, and the rest is made by machine.

13x1 lace wig vs 13x4 lace wig

The Advantages of a 13x1 Lace Wig

This wig has been welcomed by many girls. After understanding what a 13x1 lace wig is, we will introduce you to some advantages of 13x1 lace wigs now.

1. Convenient

Its first advantage is that it is easy to install. The middle part has been processed and shaped. When you get it, you only need to comb the hair simply and put it on. This process will only take you a few minutes.

2. More Affordable

When we buy a wig, the price is an important factor we will take into consideration to buy or not. Generally speaking, the price of a wig is determined by many factors. The area of the lace is an important factor. The larger the area covered by lace, the higher the price is. So the price of 13x1 lace wigs will be lower. It can not only help to reduce your financial pressure, but also help you become more beautiful and confident.

3. Guaranteed Quality

If your 13x1 lace wig is made of 100% human hair like other hair wigs, you do not need to worry about the quality. You can style them as usual. And it can withstand some heat, so you can use a curling iron and flat iron. However, it does not mean that you can ignore to condition it.

4. Natural

Even though a 13x1 lace wig has less lace, it will still be very natural after you wear it. The lace of T part will make you have a natural hairline.

The Limits of a 13x1 Lace Wig

Above we list some advantages of 13x1 lace wigs. Everything has its pros and cons. Next, we will list some of its limitations to help you know 13x1 lace wigs more comprehensively.

1. Few Comforts

If you have ever purchased hair wigs, we believe you must know that the more lace a wig has, the more comfortable you will feel after you wear it. A wig with a large area of lace will be more breathable and will be more friendly to your scalp and natural law. Because the cap’s most material of a 13x1 lace wig is made by machines, relatively speaking, its breathability and comfort will not be as good as other lace frontal wigs.

2. Less Versatility

As we mentioned before, a 13x1 lace front wig has less lace, which only covers the T-shaped area, so its part line is fixed and you can’t do the side part freely. That means the middle part hairstyle will be the only option for T-part wig wearers.

How to Choose a Suitable 13x1 Lace Wig?

If you are planning to buy a 13x1 lace wig, here are a few tips for you.

1. Choose a Human Hair Wig

All the hair wig products are made out of two kinds of materials, synthetic fibers and real human hair. The wigs are made of human hair are more durable and more natural. Though you need to pay more for human hair wigs, you can get restyle them by curling or straightening, while synthetic hair can only withstand lower heat.

2. Choose a Suitable Size of Cap Wig

A proper size of the cap can add comfort and make sure stability. If you choose a bigger than your head circumference, it will be very easy to get loose or fall out; if you choose a small cap, it will hamper the blood circulation of your scalp so that you will feel uncomfortable.

3. Choose the wig according to your preference

Last but not least, choose the wig that you like. You can consider the hairstyle, length, and color you like to decide which wig you will purchase. Only if it can help you be more attractive and confident, it is the best hair wig for you.


Today we introduced you to some basic information about 13x1 lace wigs. We hope that you can have a basic understanding of 13x1 lace wigs through this blog. May you can buy your favorite 13x1 lace wig.