Have you ever heard of lemonade braids? I believe the answer for most women must be Yes! This hairstyle has empowered black women all over the world, and its diverse styling potential has made it soar in popularity in the fashion industry. It was Beyoncé who rekindled this lemon at the earliest Water braid hair care hairstyle. So are lemonade braids still in style in 2023? Do you still love lemonade braid hairstyles? Let's continue reading the post to get the answer.

1. Why Is It Called Lemonade Braids?

beyonc lemonade braids

Lemonade braids are named after Beyoncé's hit album Lemonade. On the hit song Lemonade, which titles the album, she sported this stunning hairstyle, a lemonade braid with her signature side cornrow braid, a style beloved by many fans following the release of the music video. At the same time, the trend of lemonade braids was also started. In fact, lemonade braids have been around for a long time and didn't get a lot of attention and discussion at first. Thanks to Beyoncé, black women are starting to share their thoughts on these lemonade braids on the internet and lemonade braids are starting to re-enter the limelight and gain attention. She transforms traditional athletic styles into a timeless and effortless look that any girl can rock from day to night.

2. What Are Lemonade Braids?

stylish lemonade braids

Lemonade braids are a protective style hairstyle for black women with a name inspired by Beyoncé's album Lemonade. Lemonade braids start in the front, are braided at the scalp, and swept to one side. Kind of like corn braids. Add extra hair to the braid using the feed-in method. You can make your braids small, medium, or large.

3. Are Lemonade Braids In Style?

Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids are still in vogue right now. There are many reasons why they're still popular: They're sleek and chic, an all-over protective hairstyle that's low maintenance. You can also blend it with other standout hairstyles or hair colors for new creative hairstyles. Plus, lemonade braids come in different sizes and styles, which means you can adjust them to fit a child or an adult. For example, in the hot summer months, you may not want to braid your child every few days, so this lemonade braid is a great style for children.

4. Box Braids And Lemonade Braids, What's The Difference?

Box braids are divided into square or rectangular divisions. Lemonade braids, on the other hand, are cornrowed on one side.

5. How Long Do Lemonade Braids Take?

Installing lemonade braids generally takes 3 to 6 hours to complete. Of course, hair length, density, and head circumference all play a role in braiding time. Installing lemonade braids for kids usually takes less time than it does for adults.

6. How to DIY Lemonade Braid Hairstyle?

Doing lemonade braids at the salon is usually more expensive because the hairstyle takes a lot of time, and professional stylists charge a hefty fee for this busy look. But if you want to get lemonade braids done, but don't want to spend a lot, then you can style your lemonade braids at home!

Step1: Preparation

Preparation is always crucial before doing anything, and lemonade braids are no exception. Properly wash hair, scalp, and prep hair extensions before the styling process. Washing the hair can avoid the damage of the dry scalp to the hair. You can use a deep conditioner when washing to help provide nutrition to the hair. After washing the hair, blow dry the hair properly.

Step2: Braiding

Use a comb to smooth your hair, then divide your hair into four sections. First, select a section of hair to start braiding, and after braiding a few inches, send it to the prepared hair extension for feed-in braiding to extend the length of the braid. Incorporating extensions into the cornrow ensures the integrity of the braided look. Take care to make sure your ears of corn follow the same direction and weave through the lemonade method. After the cornrow, continue braiding until the end of your hair extension.

On average, you probably want to do 6 ears of corn on the back, 3-4 on each side, and 8-10 ears on the top.

Step3: Braid End Treatment

Finally, take a large mug with hot water and dip the ends of the braids, the hot water will seal the ends and keep the braids from falling out.

The other sections of hair are braided the same way as above, continuing to use hair extensions to complete all the feeds.

Step4: Modify

Apply Edge Control to loose hair on the forehead. Take a brush and round them out for a perfect finish!


The above is the content of this blog. Through reading, you know more about lemonade braids. If you like this style, then try it out and make lemonade braids your next hairstyle.