Who Sells The Best Weave Hair With Cheap Price?

You must not be strange with the word weave hair if you are a black girl. And human hair consumers always want to know where to buy the best virgin hair weave at cheap price. Here we will let you know all about the hair weaves.

What is the weave hair exactly?

The weave hair is a kind of hair extension. Hair extensions are frequently used by women, especially black women the world over. And we also call it hair bundles, bundles of hair, or hair weft.

They're often installed by weaving them into the hair or gluing them to the hair from the track. When a weave is installed correctly, it looks beautiful and very natural.

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what is the best type of hair for sew in weave?

There are various types of weave hair available. Virgin hair (hair that has never been processed) is the most popular grade of weave hair because this hair can be used for multiple installs and it can also be color treated.

Black women have many different textures of hair; luckily there's a variety of different textures and types of weave that can suit just about any texture. The most sought-after types of weave are Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian and Malaysian hair.

As customers say, Brazilian hair bundles are the most thickest and smooth to choose for sew in weave.  

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Textures Of Human Hair Weave

There are so many types of weave to choose from. But it's easy to feel a little lost if you don't know which is which. Hair extensions can either be Remy (virgin) hair or non-Remy. They come in different varieties, lengths, styles and textures.

Some Definitions:

Virgin hair: Means human hair that has not been chemically processed. This hair is harvested from a single donor.

Remy hair: This is 100% human hair that is harvested from the head of several donors, but in a way that maintains the alignment of the hair cuticles, in relation to other neighboring hair strands.

Non-Remy hair: The roots and tips are mixed. This means that not all the hairs lay in the same direction. Note that non-Remy hair has been chemically processed.

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who sells the best human hair on the market?  

Nadula hair bundles are all virgin hair bundles that are made from 100 percent human hair. We have many online shops to serve our customers from all over the world. We have the best bundles online, closure with bundles, hair extensions, and lace wigs at cheap price.

Hair Weave Styles For Black Women

Like our real hair, there are many different weave hairstyles for human hair weave users. Below we will show you two common and wavy long-lasting weave hairstyles for you to enjoy.

1. body wave hair styles

The body wave is a kind of hair styles like beach wave. And it shows big curls like "S" like our body. This kind of hairstyles is very popular and the body wave hair bundles are hot selling products on the hair market. Generally, there are for kinds of hair textures with this body wavy weave, like a Brazilian body wave, Peruvian body wave, Indian body wave, and Malaysian body wave hair. These are four leading hair textures on the real human hair market.

2. Curly hair weave styles  

The curly bundles hair is very bouncy.  No matter long or short hairstyles for curly hair, though packed with life and personality, get a little quiet when the proposal of styling in intricate updos, perky ponytails, and elaborate braids comes up. Getting to behave regularly is usually the goal, but easy and cute hairstyles for curly hair weave have convinced us to get a little more creative. Get your wildest waves, springiest curls, and bounciest coils ready because they're no longer stuck in no styling purgatory.

curly hair weave

what is the best grade of hair to buy?

When you buy hair extensions online, you may notice that many raw virgin hair vendors use the (5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A) grading system to describe their hair product. So what is this grading system about and how to grade different hair extensions?

Hair Grading System

Today, there are so many different types of hair extensions as well as marketing terms to quantify the quality of the hair. The (5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A) grading system was created by manufacturers in China as an easy way to explain to their clients"how good the hair is."

In fact, there is not a "Universal Standard" for human hair extension grading. There is not a standard hair grades chart that you can pull up and it is accurate. However, there are some factors that we consider when grading for virgin hair bundles deals:

Wefts: Single stitch or double stitch? Double stitch wefts should reduce shedding.

Weight: The standard weight of sew-in hair bundles are 100 grams or about 3.5 oz. Is the bundle cheaper because it weighs less?

100% Human Hair: We only sell 100% human hair and think most of our clients prefer this. If you are looking for really cheap hair that will not last, color, or style then consider a synthetic blend.

Remy or Non-Remy: You want Remy hair with the cuticles facing the same direction to reduce chances of tangling.

Single Donor or Multiple: Single Donor hair really only matters for a few types of hair including Indian Temple hair or possibly a unique gray hair. Is it necessary? 99.9% of the time we would say no. Some companies "claim" the hair bundle is from a single donor but I would not pay extra for it.

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Choose the best hair weave is not difficult. As you know all about the knowledge and you make and sample order from the weave hair sites to identify the quality first. And compare the price carefully. If there are 8A and 7A, you'd better choose the best 8A virgin hair sew in weave. If you can not sure where to buy the best hair weave, Just do not hesitate to choose Nadula mink hair.